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If you're around Tiong Bahru plaza vicinity visit this pastry shop for mouth watering egg tarts and also their char siew puff and other hongkong pastries. Prices are cheap and worth your every cent. Even when you simply need to get a quick bite or for tea breaks this shop is a must visit. You would realise that your every cent is spend worth while.
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21 Nov 2013 19:33:44

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If you're around Tiong Bahru plaza vicinity visit this pastry shop for mouth watering egg tarts and also their char siew puff and other hongkong pastries. Prices are cheap and worth your every cent. Even when you simply need to get a quick bite or for tea breaks this shop is a must visit. You would realise that your every cent is spend worth while.
A trip to Tiong Bahru is not complete without yummy pastries from this shop. My favs are the polo buns, which make great snacks. The pastries are discounted at night, but come too late and your fav might be sold out!
This bakery whips out really good pastries, often freshly baked out of the oven and I cannot resist buying something every time I pass by this area. Do try their egg tarts which are really affordable and tasty. The crust has a really nice crumbly texture which complements the wobbly and yummy egg filling. I also got myself some custard polo buns which is essentially really nice chewy soft buns filled with creamy custard cream. The top layer of the bun is covered in a nice sugar coated crust found in all polo buns which gives them their nice crumbly, crunchy signature texture. The custard cream polo bun is a nice unique combination which you can\'t really find elsewhere. These items really go well with you afternoon tea and is all you need for a great breakfast or to perk up your afternoons!
Usually whenever I pass by this shop, I will buy at least a dozen pieces of their char siew su back to share with my family.Normally i will eat it the next day by re-heat in the oven which make in more crispy and tasty.The pastry is very compact and full of the fragrant from the butter used in it.The char siew meat is very juicy and tender and goes really well with the golden brown pastries.Simply so delicious!
Located in the heart of Chinatown, the delicious egg tarts from Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries go for only $0.70 instead of the usual $0.90 after 6pm. The special crust of Leung Sang\'s egg tart is thick and crispy and exudes a delightful butter fragrance with every bite. The flavorful egg custard is soft and smooth and just right in terms of sweetness. An egg tart from Leung Sang, together with a cup of hot Lipton tea, makes the ideal afternoon tea that I would crave for. Come down and try it for yourself if you haven\'tSpending: Approximately SGD 1
My mother would usually buy their char siew polo bun home for us to eat for breakfast the next day. I would suggest if possible, to go after 9pm as they are clearing their stock for the day so they would put up an offer of eighty cents for all their pastries. Their char siew po lo bun is quite nice as it is very big and yet they do not cut down on their fillings at all. I find myself going back to patronise them more if i have the cravings for po lo bun.
I love to walk around chinatown to search for new eateries or to explore on some new food but also not forgetting those that have been around this area for decades. This chinese bakery has been around for a long time and is one of my favourite bakery when comes to egg tarts. The aroma of the baked egg tarts smell so good and tempting and I do find myself often buy more than what I required. The pastry is the flaky kind and still crispy even when kept until later.Spending: Approximately SGD 1
i went to Chinatown to do some new year shopping with my mum and dad. We decided to go to buy back some delicious pasteries for tea time from leung sang hong kong pasteries. We bought a box of 4 egg tarts. I love their egg tarts. The pasteries is totally awesome, very crispy, one bite and it crumbles in your mouth. The egg custard is not too sweet too. one piece is quite big somemore. Value for money.
My mum would always buy the hong kong pastry whenever she is at tiong bahru area. And this time, she bought a few varieties of pastry for our next day breakfast. The pastry were really delicious and the prices were not too expensive as well. One of the items i love the most is their egg tart. The pastry are a good snack for afternoon tea or for breakfast.
This pastry shop’s egg tart is fantastic man! Totally nice! The crust is not those flakey ones but more of a solid one. Despite that, the moment you bite onto it, the crust melts in your mouth, slowly. Very nice. The filling is so soft and sweet, it just makes you melt with every bite.
Located at a stone\'s throw away from Tiong Bahru Plaza, this humble pastry shop serves one of the best egg tarts I have ever tasted. Extremely soft on the inside and a rather crunchy crust, it\'s the perfect combination for a crispy soft combination. Best to call them up before dropping by if you are going to order in numbers as they may be out due to their popularity
i like their egg tarts & polo buns The egg tarts crust is crispy & thin 1 cost 0.90cent While the egg is thick & rich ,not very sweet Their polo bun is crispy with some butter in the middle if go after 6pm,sometimes they will have half price promotion overall i rate 9/10
Everytime, i drive around Tiong Bahru. My wife will make me stopby to Leung Sang to buy some Hong Kong Pastries. Their famous are the Bo Luo Bao, Chicken Pie and Egg Tarts. We will always will buy a 2 box of mix Bo Luo Bao, chicken Pie and egg tart to bring back for our family to eat. I always like the Bo Lo Bao especially the BBQ Pork Bo Luo Bao. Overall, all taste very good, must try must eat. Price also not very expensive. Come to think about it, i have long time never buy, will go pop by tomorrow to buy.
One afternoon during lunchtime, i decided to buy custard polo bun as i have try the char siew polo bun. After i eat the custart polo bun, i still prefer the char siew polo bun is the best. Luckily i bought extra and also takeaway a mushroom chicken pie. When i bring back some buns to my colleague, she likes the mushroom chicken pie. My colleague ask me where i bought and i told her to see the address stated on the carton box.
I spotted this bakery and remember the famous eggtart from Tai Cheong Bakery in Hong Kong and i thought i should give the eggtart here a try. It did not taste close to those eggtarts from Tai Cheong\'s but still, this one probably one of the nicest eggtarts in Singapore. The crust was buttery and fluffy with nice egg mixture. They do sell other hong kong pastries too but might not be quite the same from those truly from Hong Kong. No matter, all are nice for afternoon snack, definitely go well with coffee and tea. I will come back when i have craving for eggtart again. Spending: Approximately SGD 1.00
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