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Must try their recommended pork katsu curry rice set! Yummy:)
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24 Oct 2012 22:15:59
Changi City Point #01-30/31, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1 486038
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Must try their recommended pork katsu curry rice set! Yummy:)
Was recommended by a friend. To my surprise, i love their food. Their pork is nice and tender.
I love this vegetable dish alot as not only I can enjoy the goodness from the different types of nutritions which I can obtain from the spinach, but also at the same time taste the black beans which are cooked in it, which I have never eat from elsewhere.The black beans are quite big in size, but they are quite soft and easy to chew.Infact, they are also not too salty and blend in really well with the spinach.Will certainly recommend this dish to my friends and colleagues.
Despite their specialty dish being Tonkatsu, none of us ordered the dish. Instead, we tried to pick dishes that seemed to be more healthy. There was a coupon that was available outside which would give you a free drink. I would really advise against getting the milk tea. Perhaps because the drinks are free, their quality of drinks were really not up to standard. Please stick with the Ochya if you\'re paying for the drinks.The grilled chicken salad was a good choice though.The sauce was perfect, tasty, and was light at the same time. They should really try to highlight and sell this dish more.The fish presentation looked almost exact to the menu that was given to us. We were also surprised at the size of the fish as most of the time, restaurants would offer a smaller porition.Another healthy option that salad eaters can consider
They are not any other ordinary Japanese restaurant, but one that makes sinful indulgence to a healthy one. Located @ B1.
They are not any other ordinary Japanese restaurant, but one that makes sinful indulgence to a healthy one. Located @ B1.
been awhile since i last ate at ootoya and was not feeling well for the passed few days so decided to get something healthy so i tried the steam rice. honestly i was having high expectation because from the menu, the steam rice looks very nice but the actual thing was not the same, the egg and shrimps were very little and the sad thing was that i could not change the type of rice because the staff say if change rice will need to steam twice then not so nice. but nonetheless after trying the steam rice, i felt it was just average compared to other ootoya dishes, so next time i wont try it againSpending: Approximately SGD 25(Dinner)
Ootoya offers teishoku – set menus which usually consist of a main dish, rice, soup and small side dishes. I’m pretty impressed with an interesting factor that the count of calories is indicated in the menu for each dish. Woo! A good place for those on diet! Overall the concept is simple, healthy and affordable. Overall, a great place to bring your date to, after shopping and a movie at crowded orchard road.
From the outside walkways you could see the interior of Ootoya looks like an upclass restaurant but the set menu pricing are really affordable. I had the chicken lunch set at $13.50 which consists of home-made croquette and cripy fried chicken which were both equally crunchy and tasteful,a sunny side egg and small side dishes like potato salad,boiled seaweed and boiled spinach with sesame sauce.The rice is what i call real japanese taste and their green tea too as i can tell the differents between packet green teas and freshly brewed green tea leaves. Bascially the set menus here are either fried,charcoal grilled or stir fried so for those sashimi lovers, you can forget coming here as there\'s not a single sashimi or sushi item sold here. Generally,i would still recommend those who have cravings for fried,charcoal grilled or stir fried japanese foods as this place have the taste of a real good cooked food japanese restaurant at affordable pricing and i would certainly be coming back for more.Spending: Approximately SGD 15
the food at ootoya is really good, indeed just like what my friend said, they really served delicious japanese food. the quality of their food is indeed delicious. the cutlet is really to die for, it is fried till very crispy on the outside, when you take a bite, you can hear the crunch. inside meat is tender and juicy, such a good contrast of flavour. the entire set meal is very filing, you have rice, soup and side dish. so value for money and the service is awesome, did not have to wait long for the food to be serviced as we were really hungry. glad my friend introduced me this place.
Another great japanese restaurant that I love! The dish that I ordered is the one in the photo,Ootoya\'s Special Dish. I guess everybody who go to Ootoya for the first time must try that! I love everything from that dish! The croquette, the chicken, the rice, the egg.. Everything! Their green tea is really nice to drink as well! The environment is really great and japanese too. There\'s even a table where you can kneel like how a real japanese does! Spending: Approximately SGD 20
I really like the food and ambience at Ootoya after a friend recommended and brought me there recently. I have tried the Ootoya Special Dish Set which was a combination of deep-fried chicken, homemade croquette and a sunny egg. The best part i love about this place is that i get to refill my rice! I am really a rice lover, and always have to refill my rice during my meal. It seems pretty scary to my friends of the amount of rice that i could take. haha. So this is really a good new for me. And their rice is of rather good quality rice which i really like! Love their green tea too! Its simply fragrant and refreshing. I would see myself going back for more. Highly recommended for Japanese food lover.Spending: Approximately SGD 25
My hubby and i like this restaurant and have dine there a few times. It was a long queue and we waited for 30 to 45 minutes to be seated. In general, my hubby and I felt that the food at Ootoya is good and definitely worth the money. When we left Ootoya after dinner around 8pm, the resto was already full house The restaurant apparently does not take any reservations, so if you don't like to wait, go down there earlier.

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Had dinner at Ootoya, a casual Japanese restaurant chain with outlets in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, HK, Indonesia and more recently, Singapore. I've seen the outlets in Tokyo, but it never really occurred to me to try them out, especially with no dearth of excellent food options there.

With its discreet and minimalistic frontage, Ootoya could well be mistaken for an upclass Japanese restaurant. But walk in and be greeted by a casual, almost cafe like amostphere complete with shouts of Japanese greeting and a long U shape table (a little like a teppanyaki table except that this one doesn't have a chef standing in front of you preparing food) and small "semi private" rooms for those who have a bigger group (which we were lucky to get).

Charcoal Grilled Pork with Special Sauce ($16) - To be honest, how exciting can grilled pork get? But I was quite taken aback by how well Ootoya grilled its generous pieces of hog - Relatively tender with grilled lines to show for it and a flittering taste of charcoal smokiness. Coupled with plump, mildly sticky rice grains, it made for a wonderful combination.

Banana Parfait ($8) - I am rather skeptical about Japanese desserts as they always seem to prefer form (aesthetics) over substance (might be a misconception). Ootoya's Banana Parfait sought to realign that misconception with a surprisingly good and sweet ending to my meal. The parfait didn't come across as too gelatin and sat on a bed of azuki beans which hinted of coffee. 2 small slices of banana and sponge completed the picture.

Overall I spent about $28 for a wonderful dinner inclusive of free flow green tea. Well worth the money in my humble opinion and definitely worth a revisit.

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Tried this restauant upon the recommendation of my friend. Everything we ordered were nice. Go for the rice with the scallops on top,the rice is kept warm with a small burning fire underneath. Price is affordable but the only complain I have is that there were too few side dishes and no sashimi is in the menu.

Service is great too. Sorry for not mentioning the menu names here as all were in Japanese.

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