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Authentic Penang Hawker Food!
Think of “Penang”, relate this to “Hawker food dining” and memories of “Gurney Drive” will appear in your mind. The very experience to the meaning of “Penang Hawker food” is the heart and soul of every Penang resident and the true essence of the Gurney Drive concept. “Gurney Drive” aspires us to provide each and every customer a memorable hawker dining experience that are conjured up by our legendary chefs, impeccable service and cozy environment, all at a reasonable price.
Gurney Drive at Jubilee Square is not Halal certified. Brothers and sisters, please do not patronise this outlet. The only Halal certified outlet is at Century Square Mall at Tampines. It is located on level 4, beside Kenny Rogers. Its name is Penang Culture.

Deen Abdullah Chang
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2 Sep 2014 20:00:05
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Gurney Drive at Jubilee Square is not Halal certified. Brothers and sisters, please do not patronise this outlet. The only Halal certified outlet is at Century Square Mall at Tampines. It is located on level 4, beside Kenny Rogers. Its name is Penang Culture. Deen Abdullah Chang
had this to celebrate my friend's birthday. My friends and i just love it. its good to have a girl's night out and bond and eat just one of the most delicious food ever. nice to visit after a tiring day at work.
Slurp Slurp.... that the Signature Prawn Mee.... Yummy. Also available at T3.
Penang Asam Laksa!!! The taste is supe duper delicious. And its alots of ingredient inside like crunchy cucumber, onions, pineapple and herbs too...
Authentic Taste Of Penang, good value for its food.
Gurney Drive Restaurant offers a range of authentic Penang hawker food such as Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee, Laksa, Fried Kuay Teow, Rojak & many more.
The name of this restaurant attracted me - having been to Penang and actually visited the real place.
The seating arrangement provided various options - we chose the table and chairs.
The design of the restaurant meant a huge pillar just behind our chair and there wasnt much room if one wanted to get in or out.
The menu provided a good variety of Penang fare - however, there wasnt much difference between the Penang Fried Koay Teow and Premium Keow Teow, even though there was a $3 difference in price.
The stuffed beancurd was good - tofu with lettuce and vegetables stuffed in it.
The chicken satay meat was not juicy and there was no rice cake.
The grilled stingray was spicy and yummy.
The Chendol lacked flavor...something was missing.
The service could have been better - the waitress struggled to repeat my order, and blamed me when she brought the wrong item!
She served me the food without any cutlery, which I eventually had to ask for.
The open window concept meant that many flies found their way in and that did not make the meal very appetizing.

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My mom and I had lunch at Gurney Drive after a visit to the amk polyclinic. As the name tells, Gurney Drive serves Penang delights. Its setting is of wooden tables and stools with wallpaper of the roads of Penang, both in the past and present. My mom ordered the Penang prawn noodles while I had the Penang laksa. Very very average standard, nothing impeccable. The prawn noodles was similar to any ordinary ones at coffee shops or common hawker centers. The laksa, a layer of chilli oil was simply clouding the watery soup and the ingredients were pathetic. I've tasted much better laksa. Perhaps I am just biased over Katong style laksa, I do prefer creamy gravy plus short rice noodles but their Penang laksa was honestly just barely there. Also had a Malaysian chendol for dessert and it was so-so, the coconut milk was boldly present but where did the palm sugar taste and essence go to?

A place with edible and somewhat passable standard of food. To put an end note, first and last time.

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Gurney Drive is a popular seafront promenade which is also one of Penang's most popular tourist destination. It was also the place for yummy Penang hawker food, before the hawker stalls were being relocated to a nearby location. Guess what.... It seems that Gurney Drive has arrived in Singapore!

Located in Ang Mo Kio Central, on the first level of the Jubilee Entertainment Complex, I spotted this new food establishment - Gurney Drive. And you guessed it right, its name was inspired by Penang's Gurney Drive. As I have never been to Penang, nor tasted Penang food, I decided to have my dinner at this place with Bbb.

For drinks, I ordered the Ampla drink, as the menu stated that this drink contains antioxidants. This is due to the freshly squeezed juice from the "buay long long" fruit. The drink was served with crushed ice, with a sour plum fruit added on top of it. Although the server mentioned that the drink is quite sour, I didn't know it was THAT sour! Ok, it was not that sour for the first few sips. But the more I drank it, I couldn't take the sourness... Too sour that I had to exchange my drink with bbb's.

Well, actually I got him to order the bandung with chin chow drink. It was meant to be my 'backup' drink, should the Ampla drink was too sour for me (and indeed it was). Despite drinking bundang drinks for umpteen times in my life, I have not tried bandung with chin chow. It was not diluted and I liked the unique mix of bandung and chin chow. 'Chin Chow' is grass jelly, by the way.

For our side dish, we ordered the Penang Lor Bak. The pork meat is wrapped with super thin beancurd skin. It reminded me of ngoh hiang. There were also the tofu servings, along with cucumbers. This dish came along with 2 sauces - Chopped chillies with black sauce and some sweet sour spicy sauce (something like the Thai chilli sauce, or maybe it was that). This is one of the restaurant's signature dishes. I like the tenderness of the meat and its unique taste... Anyone who dines here should try this dish out.

Bbb had the Mee Goreng, which I really had no idea why he would order that. How special could it be anyway? (-_-) Indeed, it was nothing fantastic. It was simply a plate of stir-fried yellow noodles, with prawns, squids, fish cake, bean sprouts and tomatoes added in it, which was simply a plate of overpriced mee goreng.

I ordered the Gurney Thai Apple Chicken Rice for myself. It is supposedly a recipe by the Gurney Drive's chef. This dish contains of thai-style infusing apple shreds and crispy fried chicken slices which were served along the oily rice, with a special homemade sauce to complete it.

Apparently, my rice was too hard to be consumed, and I requested for a change. I was then asked if it is ok to have the coconut rice as they were afraid that the oily rice in the rice pot might still be too hard for me. I'm not wearing dentures... so if the rice was hard, it was INDEED hard. I had no choice but to have coconut rice. Since I felt that it was really unhealthy to be consuming one whole chunk of the coconut rice, I did not finish it.

Other than the rice, I would say that the chicken slices were tasty and I liked the homemade sauce. The sauce blended well with the apple shreds and chicken slices, which also brought out the chicken flavor. Perhaps I would like this dish a little bit more, if only I had the oily rice to go along with it.

The staff had good product knowledge of the food they offered and was able to provide recommendations for us aka first-time diners at Gurney Drive. However, the food took quite awhile to arrive.

If I was eating at the hawker stalls in Penang's Gurney Drive, I wouldn't mind if there were houseflies around me... But to encounter a constant housefly problem throughout my meal in this air-conditioned restaurant was certainly very unpleasant.

Honestly, I would say you can give this restaurant a try if you had not tasted Penang food before. But I believe there are other places in Singapore that offer Penang cuisines too. Now, I just wanna head to the Gurney Drive hawker stalls in Penang.

(This review can also be found at: http://felizaong.blogspot.com/2010/07/penang-food-at-singapores-gurney-drive.html)

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