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Mooshi Bakes serves various Japanese bakery goods and pastries that are not commonly found in Singapore. One of their signature dish is their Mooshi Cream Puff which will have you running back for more!
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18 Apr 2013 22:44:22
Mooshi Bakes serves various Japanese bakery goods and pastries that are not commonly found in Singapore. One of their signature dish is their Mooshi Cream Puff which will have you running back for more!
New all-day breakfast & crepes now open from 10am Saturdays & Sundays!
And I tot Beard Papa\'s Cream Puff has the best cream puffs! Well, Mooshi Bakery makes a fine competitor! A small little bakery along East Coast Rd, it\'s not exactly easy to spot, unless you\'ve the intention to look out for it.It\'s easier to spot Awfully Chocolate! Once you spot that, Mooshi Bakery is just beside it! The name alone sounds cute, but it\'s even cuter when the staff greets you "Mooshi Mooshi" when you enter.Decor and ambience is cosy.Don\'t expect to see the usual pastries and cakes you find in your neighbourhood bakery here.Instead, there are other interesting food like Pandan Tart, Cheese and Nutella Cake (looked like an art piece itself!) etc.I went straight for the Mooshi Cream Puffs, which I learnt later was the signature dish of this bakery! The Mooshi Cream Puffs are nothing like the usual.Firstly, when you\'ve made your order, a staff will prepare your order on the spot for you - squeezing the cream into the puffs.Man, it\'s a lot of cream! Diet Watchers, hold back, or else - INDULGE! Oh, there\'s a current promotion going on - $12.90 for 4 cream puffs (Usual: $3.90/pc) The cream puffs are then packed 2 in a box.Neat and adorable, you could give it away as a gift! Ok, back to this review.The moment I sank my teeth into the puffs, I was instantly speechless.The cream was SO SO SO delicious!!! It\'s almost like the best cake you can find being squeezed into the cream puffs! The texture of the puffs was also soft, almost like eating a croissant! How many calories I\'ve packed in? WHO CARES! Note - If you are a small eater, you may wish to share 1 Mooshi Cream Puff with someone else.Yes, I\'m not kidding! You won\'t be able to down all those cream by yourself, unless you have a stomach capacity equivalent to a whale (I\'m exaggerating! Haha!)! Total Cost: 4 Mooshi Cream Puffs - $12.90 (Best part is my dear bro/friend treated me to it! Yay!) Spread the love for food around! Cheers!
i happened to be driving by and spotted this shop, my girlfriend and I simply cannot resist desserts and when we saw this new place, we decided to head in and grab something. We were not too hungry but just tempted to try something so I chose their cream cheese raisin bun and my girlfriend got their cream puff. Their cream cheese raisin bun was pretty good, very cheese and the raisins were juicy and added some sweetness to the bun. The bun was pretty fragrant too. The cream puff was not as nice though, they really gave us a lot of cream, it was kind of overwhelming in my opinion. Sometimes too much whipped cream just is a little too much. But the puff was good, guess they should not be so generous with their whipped cream then this dish will be perfect.
The buns are $1.80 each. We tried the 2 recommended buns which are curry chicken and ham and cheese. The ham and cheese bun did not travel well as takeaway. It went slightly out of shape once I reached home. The bun was soft and a bit sticky. The combination of the ham and cheese was not bad but I prefer the curry chicken bun.As the curry chicken filling is more solid, the bun holds its shape. I love the spicy& fragrant chicken curry that goes with the soft bun. You get pieces of chicken cooked in spicy curry paste. This is highly recommended if you like spicy stuffs. They also havesweet filling like apple, red bean. The downside is that they are only open from 12noon, so you cannotbuy them fresh for breakfast. Spending: Approximately SGD 1.80
Hello fellow foodie folks! This shall be my first review on this site! I am a Westie, and I am well aware of the XYZ number of good foods in the East side of Singapore HAHA. Chanced by this place called Joo Joo which has a pretty chic layout as well as a chillax ambience! Look out for Mooshi Bakes if you are a fan of gooey cinnamon buns like me and my boyfriend!THIS IS IT!!!!! Very soft and fluffy, with a rich and delectable cream cheese topping! The best thing is, it is served WARM. Awesome hearing me describing it? You\'ve got to try it to taste the heavenly goodness in it!Spending: Approximately SGD 1.80 (Tea)
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