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Osaka Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre) Osaka Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre) Osaka Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre) Osaka Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre) Osaka Town (Raffles City Shopping Centre)
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Osaka Town located in Raffles City Shopping Centre specialises in serving Japanese Cuisine. In fact, Osaka Town is a mixed-concept restaurant so that customers can savour different varieties at one restaurant. Hence, Osaka Town offers two Japanese brands; namely Botejyu and Sen No Chanpon.Botejyu serves Okonomiyaki while Sen No Chanpon serves ramen from Kyushu.

Japan's biggest Gyoza restaurant, they serve authentic japanese cuisine, offer a wide variety of set meals, new outlet is now opened at bukit panjang plaza #01-36
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13 Sep 2013 07:22:14
Japan's biggest Gyoza restaurant, they serve authentic japanese cuisine, offer a wide variety of set meals, new outlet is now opened at bukit panjang plaza #01-36
There are many choices for the Premium Set which offers a combination of Okos (Pork / Seafood) and any rice set (Tofu Hamburger Steak / Salmon Steak / Chicken Cutlet / Shio Asri / Mix Mushroom / Spicy Pork).
This restaurant has a very comfortable layout and is spacious.Was attracted by the wide range of items on the food menu and decided to give it a try.Have tried their pan fried salmon and was not too impressed by it.The salmon fish although is quite fresh but it was not really pan fried till crispy.The gravy used on top of it is quite bland and tasteless.The stir fried beansprouts does not really blend in well with the salmon fish, which make this dish taste really boring.
What a filling Hamburger set dinner at Osaka Town. The hamburger with bean sprout, miso soup, pearl rice and lastly best part of it is the okonomiyaki. The hamburger is juicy and tender. The vegetables are well cook. Okonomiyaki will full of Cabbage with bbq sauce and mayonnaise are the best part that i can mix with my rice and eat it. One words to describe "NICE" .
The okonomiyaki is huge!!! I felt like finishing the entire pan but the portion is really big. I like the sauce at the top, the pattern made the entire dish very presentable. Love the softness and sweetness of the cabbage underneath layers of flour and eggs. We also had sides, Gyoza and tempura. The gyoza is average. Didn\'t really like the sauce as it was a tad too sourish to my liking. As for tempura prawns, it was rather disappointing as it is not those authentic kind. Tasted rather soggy and not really fresh.
Osaka town is a good place to go for japanese cuisine. It has got ramen, curry rice, and many other delicious food. I like their ramen noodle, Cooked till the right texture, not overcooked. And it has got the springy taste. The food there are delicious, not expensive, serve hot, and service are always prompt. They do have lots of variety, so whatever you are craving for, it can be found in their restaurant.
It was my first time here, and I like the concept of getting a set which includes a big bowl of ramen, a side dish and a drink. I ordered a Tsukimi Set ($13.80). The soup base is fantastic, and I love the fact that it has lots of cabbages and bean sprouts, and some little prawns too. Even without the onsen egg, the sunny side up does compensate that perfectly!Hubby ordered a Tontoro set ($16.80). Again, this ramen has lots of vegies, and topped with quite a huge amount of well-marinated char siew. Great taste that deserves the chef recommendation.Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Lunch)
Picture wise, it looks just like any other normal Japanese restaurants. When the food arrived, it then occurred to me that the serving is actually quite big. I ordered salmon and seafood okonomiyaki. The salmon was fresh and quite a lot, unlike some restaurants which will scrimp on the amount of fish. The vegetables that accompanied the fish was well seasoned too. Seafood okonomiyaki was filled with cuttlefish and some prawns, topped with an egg. I was already full halfway through the meal. Very delicious and definitely value for money. I certainly would not mind coming here again to try the other food.
A very sumptuous set dinner which consist of okonomiyaki (cabbage patty), hamburger with bean sprout, miso soup and rice. The hamburger is fresh, succulent and tasty! The vegetables are very fragrant too. Best dish of the day should be the okonomiyaki. I love the way it is cooked. Cabbage patty topped with brown sauce and mayonnaise. Wonderful! Will definaltely be back for more!
I spotted this then-newly opened Osaka Town Restaurant @Raffles City Shopping Center while I was deciding what to have for lunch. I was impressed by their open concept seating and the colorful design on their walls. What is so special about this place not only because of their interior design but also because they serve value set lunch meal which comprises of one sizzling hot meat with vegetable, miso soup and white rice which costs only $10.80 on weekdays. The menu changes everyday from Monday to Friday.Price seems reasonable on their set lunch but the rest of the menu are just like any other Japanese Restaurant.Have ordered a set of sizzling hot pork with vegetables, miso soup and rice.It was simply delicious and value for money.
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