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At Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert, desserts come first. Be prepared to be delighted by our tempting range of authentic Hong Kong style desserts, prepared with quality ingredients to tantalise your taste buds. Dessert lovers will love our signature items such as Mango Pomelo Sago, Osmanthus Jelly, Mango Pudding and Almond Sesame Paste. If you prefer savoury items, fret not! There is a selection of Hong Kong noodles and snacks such as Hong Kong Wanton Noodle, Carrot Cake and Char Siew Bun.

Sheng Kee Mango Hor Fun - pamper your taste buds with our delicious coconut strips hor fun. Nom Nom Nom
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2 May 2013 22:13:42
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Sheng Kee Mango Hor Fun - pamper your taste buds with our delicious coconut strips hor fun. Nom Nom Nom
Tried their dessert at changi terminal 3 :)
Beside their dessert, try their noodles. Have it soup or dry, with wanton or with minced pork gravy. Set menu w drink + dessert.
Great place for their dessert. Simply delicious.
Indulged in sweet mango dessert, good for after a meal.
here is one of the nice dessert store at causeway situated at basement 1. If you just had your dinner or need a place to rest your feet while at Causeway, this is a good place to relax and enjoy a good bowl of dessert or hot fluffy carrot/pumpkin cake. =) The Strawberry and glutinous Snow Ice from Sheng Kee sure looked appetizing and colourful. Taste wise, the snow ice itself lacked a strongstrawberry flavour, tasting rather strongly of milk instead.
Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert\'s Wanton noodle is awesome !! The wonton is juicy and tender, especially the wanton skin!! It\'s so thin that I thought it would be impossible to wrap the meat. However the meat/ingredients are nicely wrapped, and not a little bit of the ingredients are exposed. The noodles were very chewy and easy to bite. The attractive part was that the sauce of the noodles was not very oily, it was just nice. The wanton was a little plain, but the sauce and the noodle was able to balance it. This Wanton noodle is really different from other wanton mee I\'d eaten before. Perhaps because it is Hong Kong\'s flavor. I suggest that wanton mee lovers should give this a try!
I went to NEX for shopping spree. Decided to drop by Hong Kong Sheng Kee for some desserts. Ordered the mango pomelo dessert. It is superb as it is mango-rich, not too sweet and there are pomelo in it too. It gives a tangy taste to the dessert. Do try their black sesame/almond paste. It\'s very well done. The texture is very smooth. I also like their osmanthus jelly. It has a flowery smell and its very springy.. Very good. The price is very reasonable. They do have special promotions from time to time. It is usually very crowded on weekends. Thumbs up for the desserts !!
Again, having dessert at Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert. The last time I went there, I wanted a mango pudding, but the waitress dropped it and that was the last one, so I had to order something else. This time, hoping that there was mango pudding. YAY! There was mango pudding. When it arrived, I quickly indulged in it. Hmmm... Sweet, but nice. There was a little bit of syrup at the top, and there was syrup surrounding it too.It was a nice dessert after my dinner and I am sure I would go back there. Maybe to eat their mango pomelo sage, maybe their mango pudding, or maybe try something new.
Here was I again, having my dinner. I seems to like this place a lot. They are having a set promotion, a bowl of noodle plus a selected dessert and a piece of carrot cake for $6.90. It\'s a good deal since the noodle itself is already $5.90 and the dessert is about $3.50. Unfortunately, the almond cream paste that I like was unavailable. Thus I ordered just a bowl of dry wanton noodle.The filling of the wanton was well blend and the meat was not lumpy, it contained black fungus which gave it a chunchy taste. The noodle was very Q.
Hong kong sheng kee dessert store not only sell desserts but they also sell noodles , snacks , as well as dim sum The price is reasonble and not too expensive , it is a great place for gathering . we order the mango sago with pomelo , Osmanthus Jelly , black sesame with almond . The mago is is fresh and taste nice with sago and bit of pomelo , the osmathus jelly is soft and contain bits of flower
This is a common chinese dessert found nearly everywhere. I like it as I love sago, I quite like mango and pomelo. So, after eating dinner, I went over to Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert with my brother to eat dessert. My parents had dinner there, so they didn\'t have to move. At first, we wanted the Mango Pudding, but the waitress accidentally dropped it and that was the last, so we had to choose a alternative. My parents chose the Mango Pomelo Sago and it is quite close to Mango Pudding.The mango was sweet, the pomelo was sour and the sago was wonderful. The whole dessert tasted superb and I enjoyed it. I\'m sure to eat dessert there again sometime soon.
It\'s dinner time and back at Clementi Mall again. Really have no idea what to eat. My children decided to have Subways sandwich, so my husband and I settled for this Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert that was opposite the Subways. This shop (actually not really a shop), was pretty small. It has a seating area for less than 30 customers. Very squeezy. There was only one waitress attending to the customers. I didn\'t like pork so the only choice that I have was the Chicken Cutlet Noodle.The chicken was crispy and the noodle was very Q. But it was a little too salty to my taste. The presentation was interesting, the noodle was place in a metal plate on top of the bamboo tim sum container. $6.90.My husband ordered the HK wanton noodle. He too said that it was salty. $5.90
GSS promo: 3 desserts for the price of 2! 9 outlets islandwide, promo starts now till 22-Jul.
Located at B1 of the mall, it is one of those kiosk shops with seats. We visited on a Thursday night and the place was rather packed. They do served set combo too, for noodle and rice, but I went there for dessert, I love their almond paste with vanilla ice-cream. It is creamy and not too sweet too. it is a nice after dinner snack for friends’ gathering too.Spending: Approximately SGD 5
This is my first time eating at this eatery.Do note that the place is very small! A shame in consideration of the variety of food it offers! I ordered the Wanton Noodles Set A, which includes a piece of carrot cake and black sesame paste, and added Tang Yuan to it. The carrot cake and sesame paste were served first.The carrot cake was awesome! The sesame paste was very smooth and of right sweetness! The Tang Yuan was also good, with sufficient black sesame filling within.However, the sweetness of the Tang Yuan surpassed the black sesame paste.I should have left the Tang Yuan till the end. The wanton noodles were lightly tasted.A diner beside me had remarked to his wife that the noodles were tasteless! For me, I appreciate that the noodles were lightly tasted, so that I can fully taste the filling in the wantons.Oh, did I mention that there were prawns in the wantons? Don\'t belittle the serving size of the Set Meal.At the end of my lunch, I remained full for at least 6 hrs straight! Total Cost: Wanton Noodles Set A + Tang Yuan - $8.45Spending: Approximately SGD 8.45(Lunch)
Dessert @ Causeway Point\'s Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert - Located on the basement of the newly renovated Causeway point. free sitting... capacity less than 30pax...ideal place for after dinner Dessert... Minced Pork With Fried Chang Fen (very very nice, the chang fired is little crispy outside and soft inside, goes so well with the minced pork sauce, the sauce a little oily though, $3.60++) worth trying... quite nice.. i like it.. Mango Pudding with milk dressing(Nice n smooth but a little expensive for jus a pudding like that, $3.90++) not worth trying.. Almond Paste with Black Sesame Rice balls (Almond paste not bad, jus the skin of rice ball a little bit thick, $3.30++) not worth trying they also serve wanton noodles too.. guess will try it the next time round...Spending: Approximately SGD 6(Night Snack)
!We were passing through the newly revamped Causeway point Shopping Centre basement and chanced upon this Hong Kong dessert shop specializing in a variety of mango-based desserts at the basement 1. We went in hoping to find favorite dessert. They are having a promotion on a ½ price dessert for the selected 3 dessert, we choose for the mango with guilin gao. It is a definitely worth to try at this price. Spending: Approximately SGD 2.5
Met up with an ex-colleague to shop in NEX coz neither of us had really walked around that place well enough.And since we both didn\'t need to work that day, we decided to put our meeting place as NEX.After strolling around that place for a while, we got tired and finally chose this little shop as our resting place....mainly because it wasn\'t too crowded and we wanted some dessert.I ordered the mango pomelo sago.Still can\'t beat the ones I had in Hong Kong.There was a little bit of pomelo, a little bit of mango fruit and alot of sago.I think this should be renamed to Sago with diced mango.My friend ordered the black sesame paste with almond paste.Nice presentation.Can\'t comment on the taste because I didn\'t taste it.Our dessert.
I passed by this shop many times but have yet had the opportunity to try it till now. What attracted me was the steam ginger milk. I have never seen one before, so I decided to give it a try.This steam ginger milk looked like chawanmushi. It was very soft. The taste of ginger was quite strong, a little bitter. Very unique and nice. ($3.60)My hubby ordered this mango pearl dessert. I didn\'t try because I didn\'t like mango. ($5.30)This Shrimp in beancurd skin was not very good. Some part was not very crispy. It was also quite oily. ($3.90) Spending: Approximately SGD 4
This is my second time to this dessert shop, though it was my first time here to this outlet. They have a promotion for the pastes which goes for $2 each (original price is $2.50). Having tried the almond paste the other time, I decided to go for the peanut paste this time around. It is a very wrong choice. This peanut paste is unlike all the peanut pastes that I have tried before. It is salty rather than sweet and the taste is really like eating peanut butter straight from the bottle. Although I love peanut butter, in a paste form, the taste is just too overwhelming for my liking. I left almost 3/4 of it untouched which was really a pity.
girlfriend and I were going some major shopping and we got really tired. As many of the benches were occupied, we decided to head to hong kong sheng kee desserts for some light snack as we were going to have some heavy dinner later. It has a $6.80 value meal which consists of a snack of either carrot cake or yam cake, a choice of noodle and a choice of dessert. For noodle, you can choose dry noodle with mince pork, noodle with char siu or noodle with dumpling. For dessert you can pick sesame paste, almond paste or red bean. The noodles are like those HK style and you get a separate bowl of soup if you order dry version. This is a value for money set which you can also takeaway.
I had their lunch time set for $6.90++ (note that they have not charged for service and GST, so the final price was around $7.60. For the lunch time set, you can choose which a noodle main course, a choice of small dessert (almond/sesame/peanut paste) and appetizer (yam/carrot cake).
This is a typical HK style cafe that sells simple main courses such as dumpling noodles and variety of desserts. Tried this warm Ginger Milk pudding ($3.30) which I think tastes kinda similar to all those being served in the typical HK style desserts eateries in Singapore - nothing special. Hence, I think most people who visited this place is merely out of convenience. Spending: Approximately SGD 4(Night Snack)
After shopping around, I decided to rest my legs and have a dessert. I happened to see this dessert shop earlier when I entered Bedok Point and hence I made my way back there for dessert. I got the red bean soup. The red bean soup is quite nice with the red beans not cooked until too mashy. It isnt too sweet as well, which is what I like. Service was a little slow though, I had to wait around 10minutes even though there are only a few customers.
the good thing about this place is that they have a set promotion that include the noodle with either carrot cake or yam cake and dessert. so is quite value for money, but i have to say the noddle is quite bad, not to horrible stage yet but is barely pass my standard. the dumpling or watons are quite bad too, the beef stew is still ok. btw yam and carrot cake, i definitely vote for carrot cake. and dessert wise they r not that badSpending: Approximately SGD 7(Dinner)
I was helping my parents with goceries shopping at imm, we decided to stop by hong kong sheng kee for some dessert. We often pass by this shop but never try it, so decided to give it a try. I ordered their Mango Sago with Black Glutinous Rice, their portion was not say a lot, just a tiny bowl but it was kind of pricey. It cost more than five dollars. Though it tasted really good. the dessert was really smooth and not too sweet. as a whole it was ok, but just too pricey.
my girlfriend and I were going some major shopping and we got really tired. As many of the benches were occupied, we decided to head to hong kong sheng kee desserts for some light snack as we were going to have some heavy dinner later. I ordered their gui hua gao. I remember eating some at Holland village xiao long bao buffet and it was really good. apparently it came in a plate of 3, rather miserable. Taste wise, it was accepted but not really delicious. it did cost quite a bit though.
The Sheng Kee at Bedok Point has a $6.80 value meal which consists of a snack of either carrot cake or yam cake, a choice of noodle and a choice of dessert. For noodle, you can choose dry noodle with mince pork, noodle with char siu or noodle with dumpling. For dessert you can picksesame paste, almond paste or red bean. The noodles are like those HK styleand you get a separate bowl of soup if you order dry version. This is a value for money set which you can also takeaway. My mince meat noodle has nice springy noodle and the meat sauce was not bad, if only it has a bit more sauce. The black sesame dessert was good as it did not have burnt after taste. They have a rice meal set for the same price but you get rice with a main dishes and an ice milk tea. I ordered the pork rib rice for my dad which he says is not bad. It is cooked in a Nam Yue (fermented red beancurd) sauce. Other rice dishes include Pork Belly with Mui Choy. Spending: Approximately SGD 7.40
I love eating pastes and hence it was a natural choice for me to order a bowl of almond paste. The almond paste is quite thick. I had actually wanted to order the yuan yang paste (almond and sesame) but it wasn\'t part of the promotion. Although I love almond paste, I feel that it is best complemented with the sesame paste since too much of the almond taste can get a little overwhelming. The almond paste is rather sweet as well, so it would be best if there is someone else to share it with you.Spending: Approximately SGD 2.50
First time trying their dessert. I ordered Red Bean with Rice Balls. Their red bean paste was quite good and smooth. The red bean was thick and fragrant. I loved thick red bean because they are more fragrant than those watery ones. One more thing was its not too sweet at all. It won\'t makes you feel like eating more and not getting sick of it easily. The filling of the rice ball was sesame. I not really like sesame but their one was good. Not overly sweet and I still can taste the sesame flavor but the rice balls was not really chewy. Overall, the dessert was quite good. Spending: Approximately SGD 5(Tea)
This stall sells not only dessert, but HK style noodles and snacks as well. Went there to try their dessert and to my disappointment, it\'s nowhere near any good Hong Kong dessert! Their peanut paste is quite diluted and watery. There\'s also bits n pieces of starch i think...which i initially thought was peanut. But it was not! SErvice is no good as well. Although it\'s not full house, but nobody come to us to serve us! and i have to wave for them to come over only to know that we have to go to cashier to place our order and pay before they will serve us! They should have inform customer beforehand i feel. Don\'t think i\'ll have 2nd visit to this place.Spending: Approximately SGD 2.60(Other)
read from magazine & blog that this dessert store was nice,highly recommend so went for a try saw that they have promotion for this mango dessert for $2 the seat was quite limited,always long queue so got to wait for around 5-15mins was really disappointed the mango was super sour,not sweet at all i think this dessert was just so so i remember the original price was about $5 if $5 for a bowl of so so dessert really not worth it la Spending: Approximately SGD 2(Other)
Don\'t get deceive by the crowd...My sis had the Mango Pomelo for $4.70 which was super not worth the price tag. It wasn\'t fresh mango used totally, it was made up of syrup. I would say it is pretty deceiving!Spending: Approximately SGD 5(Other)
I saw the crowed outside this dessert place so i decided to have my lunch here as it not only sells dessert but also main course. I waited for 15 minutes before I get a small and cramp table. The whole place is so packed it\'s rather uncomfortable. I ordered a BBQ Pork noodle whereby the noodle is springy and soft to the bite. The bbq pork is delicious as it\'s cooked with a unique sauce. I like their tasty soup too. As for the Black Glutinous with Coconut Ice Cream and mini pearls. To eat this dessert, one have to mix the three ingredients together and put them in the mouth in one bite. This is because the black glutinous and mini pearls are tasteless. They are there to serve as chewing pleasure. I felt that this dessert is overpriced. The other dessert is their lemongrass with pearls. It was ordered by boyfriend. I took one bite and I almost wanted to puke. I hate lemongrass and it\'s really has a strong taste of lemongrass. For my boyfriend he said it\'s refreshing and so he finished the whole thing.Spending: Approximately SGD 10(Lunch)
I was surprised to find that Hong Kong Sun Kee Dessert actually sells noodles so I decided to go for the roasted pork noodles before digging into the dessert. I was extremely disappointed with the dish - the plate of noodles was served cold, there was only a few pieces of char siew and the soup tasted extremely msg-loaded. Guess it should stick back to selling desserts only.Spending: Approximately SGD 5
Mango sago is my most favourite cold dessert of all times so I was very interested when I saw this $2 mango pomelo sago with mango pudding offer at this dessert store. Furthermore, the original price for a bowl would cost around $4 during normal times. I was truly disappointed when I saw the serving. It looked more to me like a bowl of yellow syrup with a few stuff on it. I could only manage to eat 4 tiny pieces of mango pudding with not much pomelo and sago floating around. Within less than ten mouthfuls, I finished the dessert. Now I know where not to go whenever I have my mango pomelo sago craving.Spending: Approximately SGD 2
How could I resist their opening offer for Mango sago with Pamelo at $2 only? I queued up with my friend for about 10mins for seats. They do not have large space with seats. It’s self-service basis, you need fill up the order yourself and pay at the counter. The Mango sago with Pamelo is nice, mango is sweet and pamelo is not bitter. I’ve tried the mango mochi but I don’t really like it. I don’t like the coconut that coated the mochi. It’s made my throat feel uncomfortable
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