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Unlock the beauty within

Chez Moi de Beaute offers cosy ambience and friendly, experienced therapists who will help you look and feel good with customised beauty rituals and treatments.

At Chez Moi, we don't have customers, because all our customers are our friends. As with friends, there is no thoughtless pushing of products. So come to us for thoughtful, expert advice on your face, body, slimming and wellness needs, and allow us to help you love yourself.

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About Us

Chez Moi de Beaute
(pronounced ‘shay’ ‘mua’ ‘dee’ ‘boat-ay’), has been delivering quality beauty services since 1989. Our quality products, teamed up with our experienced therapists will give your face the much needed cleansing and glow with our customized beauty rituals and treatments.

Care for your body with our range of patented products in slimming and rejuvenating to cater to different skin needs. Our friendly therapists will educate you on proper home care, so you can stay gorgeous long after you leave our premises!

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