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With the firm belief that golf can be a sport enjoyed by all levels of society, my golf kaki Academy launched the my golf school 1000 initiative to offer 1,000 juniors an opportunity to learn golf this year. The initiative is the first of its kind in Singapore to make golf very affordable to juniors on a large scale, even for those from the lower-income families.

Juniors from ages 5 up to 16 years will enjoy up to 90% subsidy on a six-week beginner fast track course under my golf school 1000. Lessons will be conducted by golf professionals from my golf kaki Academy at Tanglin Public Golf Course.

golf kaki Academy aims to be a leader in the golf teaching field by adopting a holistic approach to deliver affordable and high quality programmes to all in Singapore. Located in Tanglin Public Golf Course & Tennis Courts, the Academy offers comprehensive training and development programmes which impart golf skills and knowledge within a positive learning environment. All programs are endorsed under the Sports Education Programme (SEP) for 2012/2013.

To make lessons engaging for the students, the Academy employs a variety of swing analysis aids such as V1 Golf and Swinguru, a new type of digital golf learning and teaching experience. Lessons are conducted by qualified and experienced Class A members of Singapore Professional Golfers Association. All coaches are also certified standard first aiders and recognized under the National Coaching Accreditation Programme by Singapore Sports Council.

Students of my golf kaki Academy have access to a range of golfing facilities at Tanglin Public Golf Course & Tennis Courts and Marina Bay Golf Course.

  • To introduce a progressive training program that will enable each student to acquire, develop and maintain the necessary knowledge and skills required playing the game of golf effectively at an advanced competitive level.
  • To help each student identify the various phases of development from Beginner to High Performance Level.
  • To facilitate various pathways for students that might lead to successful employment in the golfing industry.

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