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Award-winning moving and storage company for residential, commercial and international clients. We provide informative, timely and quality-assured services that cater to every client's needs. As a professional moving service provider, we uphold our responsibilities and are committed to establishing standards in moving service delivery.

As a corporate, we recognise our societal responsibility in providing additional care to the less fortunate members of our society as much as our business and finances objectives allow.


VIMBOX is not your trusted house movers. Our happy event turned into a nightmare. Here is the honest VIMBOX movers’ review. We engaged VIMBOX moving service on 29 August. There were numerous email, text messages and phone confirmation; I received the last confirmation again from them in the evening before the day of scheduled move. We were so excited about the move, by 10am on 29 August, we were all ready waiting for the VIMBOX mover to arrive. They did not turn up as scheduled, I had to call to ask and the person who received my call seemed surprised about the hiccup. Minutes later, another person called and he claimed that he could not get in touch with the team supervisor, but promised to find out what went wrong. Some 20 minutes later, I received 2 photos of a lightly damaged truck. The head light was smashed and the bumper was dent. There was no phone call from him, just the photos. We called to ask for more details. He said the truck was involved in an accident and could not come to our service. And he claimed that they had to report to police. Looking at the minor accident, I couldn’t comprehend the need to report police. As a matter of fact, police will not entertain such road accident unless someone was injured. When I pressed for the location of the accident and the handphone of the team supervisor, I was tactfully denied. That’s when I sensed something was not right. However, I thought a house mover running a business in Singapore will not deceive their customer, we requested for alternatives; he offered a later moving at 2 pm, which we accepted. But the time drew near, no call, confirmation or update from VIMBOX. Our constant calls seemed to irritate him. We were told to wait another 10 minutes while he looked for solution. 10 minutes passed and he sms that he would call us in 30 minutes. After which, we had not heard from VIMBOX since. We felt we were left to bleed to death with 60 boxes and furniture lying around the house. By 3pm, we concluded VIMBOX has decided to abandon us. We frantically called many other movers, most turned us down as it was a last minute job, even next day service was not possible. Fortunately, with a help of a friend, we found her regular mover who agreed to help us move. That was almost 5pm in the evening, the team just finished their 2 house moving jobs earlier. We were very appreciative that they agreed to work overtime for us. Furthermore, we paid only $30 more than what VIMBOX quoted despite the last minute arrangement. They finished the moving job at 8.30pm. VIMBOX accepted a business order from us but fail to deliver without offering remedy can only tell you something about them; VIMBOX is unprofessional, irresponsible, and maybe very inexperienced in the business. Even if the road accident was ‘genuine’, it was obvious that VIMBOX did not have any contingency plans in place to offer alternative solution to their client. To run a house moving business, you expect unforeseen events such as truck breakdown, road accident, staffs report sick…etc. If the road accident was ‘fake’, you’ll see clearly the business ethical values of VIMBOX. The truth of the matter was that, in this whole house moving saga, there were no offers of replacement, no help, no apologies from VIMBOX. Do you want to put your stressful house moving service in the hands of VIMBOX. Think twice!
With their "We Late, We Pay" Pledge, u can be ensure that your delivery are on time otherwise you will be entitled to a special price should there be any delay in the appointed time. Their fee are affordable and workers are friendly and fast and professional in packing too.
They apply fresh and forward thinking perspectives to our business environment, constantly seeking to develop innovative services and technology solutions and deliver tailored, bespoke, reliable solutions at affordable cost-effective prices.
they are committed to making your move a completely hassle-free experience.can provide you the best service in moving on a budget with NO HIDDEN COST and they can even provide moving services that are custom-tailored to your specific needs.
If you are looking for a fast, efficient and quality moving service that falls within your budget, check them out!
Professional mover in Singapore, reliable and efficient, specialize in residential, commercial and events moving services. Contact them for free quotation
VimBox Moving Service apprehends the importance of punctuality and they promise to execute and meet appointments on time. To show their sincerity, all their customers will be entitled to a special price if there should be any delay in the appointed time
One of the best movers in Singapore who gives their customers a completely hassle-free experience! They provide you the best service in moving on a budget with NO HIDDEN COST.In addition, moving services that are custom-tailored to your specific needs.
For those of you who always move to new rooms or units like me, a moving service is most definitely essential and helpful to make the whole moving easier. VImbox moving service is an expert to that. They make sure your furniture and things are handled with care.
Thinking of moving or shifting furniture or a huge item from one place to another? Vimbox offers professional and quality moving servcies from small items to bulk storage. So worry no more!
VimBox Moving Service has been in this industry for more than a decade. With being Efficient and Reliable as their core values, They provide a wide range of moving and transportation services tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.
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