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Minipal Longspan Shelving System

  • Designed for light and medium bulky goods
  • Fully adjustable shelf beam level
  • Ideal as tow-tier


Selective Racking System

The most popular storage system used, this racking system provides 100 percent accessibility and good stock rotation. It is fully adjustable and easily installed. Equipment and capital investment fot such a system is also the most economical.

We has a full range of compatible accessories for different pallet types, sizes and weights. Safety or rack protection accessories such as corner guards, column protectors, bollards, frame protectors, back mesh cladding, pallet back stops, etc. Make storing A lot more safer.

Double-Deep Racking System

Designed to increase storage capacity, double deep racking system can store two pallets deep in a single-entry rack and four pallets deep in a double entry rack. This system is particularly good when throughput is low and fast movement of pallets is not critical.

A special reach truck with extendable fork attachments is required for this type of racking system.

Very Narrow Aisle Racking System

Optimizing floor space by having aisles only marginally wider than the loads, very narrow aisle(VNA) racking system make full use of roof height too. To increase storage capacity. This system still maintain 100% accessibility, excellent goods protection, fast picking rate and good stock rotation.

VNA forklift truck equipment with euither man-up or man-down cabins capable of reaching higher beam levels are used. P&D stations are a necessary feature for VNA racking system for the orientation of pallets before entering the racking system.

Rack supported platform

Storage and picking of small and medium sized goods can never be easier and economical than multi-tier racking system especially when there is enough room height. Accessible by staircases and loading gates, the exposed areas of the platform are installed with safety handrails. Shelf Levels can be either decked with steell decking panels or pluywood. Various types of floor decking materials are available-timber, plain steel plates, chequered steel plates, expanded mesh and mesh grating.

Drive-In And Drive-Through Racking System

Maximum storage capacity using minimum space, this drive-in and drive through racking system consist of blocks undivided by aisles. Suitable for the storage can be facilitated by forklift truks driving right into the racks.

Drive-in racking - where picking and replenishment is done from one side only. Drive-through racking - where both sides of the racking are used.

Superbloc Mezzanine Structure

Mezzanine and stroage floors are easily mountable by using SUPERBLOC structures. The available areas can be doubled up without building works. To this particular purpose that upright have been suitably bored for hooking with four beams at the same level, thus leaving the floor space completely free and thoroughly exploitable.

Max carrying capacity with the standards unit 500 kg./sq. m

Uniformly distributed load. Cap. Per sq./m



Slotted Angle Shelving

Dimensions :

H1829 x W900 x D300(mm)

H1829 x W900 x D450(mm)

H1829 x W900 x D600(mm)

H1829 x W1200 x D300(mm)

H1829 x W1200 x D450(mm)

Load Per Level : 100Kgs, UDL


Botless Shelving System

Dimension : 

H2100 x W900 x D300(mm)

H2100 x W900 x D450(mm)

H2100 x W900 x D600(mm)

H2100 x W1200 x D300(mm)

H2100 x W1200 x D450(mm)

H2100 x W1200 x D600(mm)

Load Per Level : 200Kgs, UDL



Security Roll Cages

  • Overall Dimensions : L720 x W810 x H1700
  • Load Capacity : 500 Kg
  • Electro  Galvanized steel
  • The panel can be rapidly dismantled

Foldable Pallet Mesh

Model : PM-3

Height : 660 mm

Width : 600 mm

Length : 800 mm

Capacity: 800 Kg

No. Of Layer : 4

Pitch : 50 mm

Wire Diameter : 6.0mm

Legs Height : 100mm

Volume : 0.22


Model : PM-5

Height : 840 mm

Width : 800 mm

Length : 1000 mm

Capacity: 1200 Kg

No. Of Layer : 4

Pitch : 50 mm

Wire Diameter : 6.0mm

Legs Height : 100mm

Volume : 0.52


Model : PM-3

Height : 8900 mm

Width : 1000 mm

Length : 1200 mm

Capacity: 1500 Kg

No. Of Layer : 4

Pitch : 50 mm

Wire Diameter : 6.0mm

Legs Height : 100mm

Volume : 0.84


Pallet Cages & storage Stackable

Model : PC-1

Dimension (HxDxL | mm) : 1640 x 1100 x 1350

Model : PC-2

Dimension (HxDxL | mm) : 2040 x 1100 x 1350

Model : PC-3

Dimension (HxDxL | mm) : 1660 x 1250 x 1300

Model : PC-4

Dimension (HxDxL | mm) : 2040 x 1250 x 1300

Model : PC-5

Dimension (HxDxL | mm) : 1640 x 1350 x 1400

Model : PC-6

Dimension (HxDxL | mm) : 2040 x 1350 x 1400


Access Equipment

Ladder Trolley

Model : LT5

size : H1573 x W560 x L1070

Model : LT3

size : H1022 x W560 x L1070

Picking Trolley 

Model : SK3

size : H915 x W510 x L915

Model : SK5

size : H1530 x W510 x L1020







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