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Our ‘hero’ product which provides an incredible visual difference to the skin within a matter of days.  A pack of four Pure Vitamin C ampoules provide a fantastic ‘boost’ to the skin and should be used 2/3 times a year alongside any other skin care products. Our research shows that when using the Vitamin C Ampoules the skin’s collagen production is increased by up to 8 times, and this is reflected in the length and depth of lines and wrinkles being visibly reduced. You will notice a real improvement to the skin by around day 7.
Each ampoule provides a 10 day supply. Use each of the ampoules one after the other so that you are treating your skin to a 40 day ‘boost’.  You should apply this product before your usual day cream or night cream.
You will notice an immediate visible improvement within the first week of use.  Truly remarkable results.

Recommended for:

  • Any person who needs a ‘special boost’ to their skin
  • Use before holidays in the sun as the Pure Vitamin C will help strengthen the skin
  • Excellent for Rosacea
  • Good to use on skin which is suffering from an outbreak of congestion