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A booster facial serum – a generator of light, luminosity and youthfulness.

Over time skin loses its luminosity, this is down to many factors: age, stress, solar radiation, lack of sleep, unbalanced diet, tobacco etc.  The cells are ‘intoxicated’ and obstruct the transparency of the skin. The imperfections, (pores, wrinkles etc.) create shadows that sequester the light.

Powerlight has been formulated especially to counteract, correct and prevent this intoxication of the cells to provide light, transparency and clarity to the skin.  By using the Serum, morning evening:

  • Cellular ageing is delayed
  • The micro relief of the skin is smoothed and the shadows that sequester light disappear
  • The skin becomes lighter and more uniform in its appearance

It’s Ingredients: TRIPLE LIGHT ACTION detoxifies the cells and smooth’s the skin’s relief, creates an immediate luminescence to the skin and regulates hyperpigmentation, WHEAT BRAN EXTRACT works specifically on he first stages of melanogenesis on the key enzymatic proteins involve in the pigmentation of the skin.  Also containing an excusive ingredient developed in the laboratories of Germaine VC-IP with a depigmentation effect and generating collagen., – an effective anti-oxidant that works in the most remarkable way.

A truly superb new generation ‘Super Serum’ – a real difference can be seen within just a few days of use.