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A smoothing and firming body milk packed with the most effective ingredients.

Loss of skin firmness is no doubt one of the first signs of ageing. It is inevitable that with time our skin loses firmness little by little. The amount of collagen is reduced, and with it also is reduced the fresh appearance of firm and supple skin. However, it is not a subject exclusive to ageing. There are many motives that can cause a progressive relaxation and flaccidity of the skin (pregnancy, menopause, unhealthy habits such as tobacco, alcohol, incorrect diet, etc.).

Elastific was formulated to specifically treat:

Retexture the skin, smooth the relief, soften and illuminate with renewing ingredients that illuminate and stimulate collagen and elastin formation.

Prevent cellular deterioration and redensify the skin from inside. Collagen synthesis is stimulated while protecting and improving the skin’s dermal-epidermal union.

Intensely hydrate, immediately and for hours with ingredients that deeply nourish, trap and fixate environmental moisture and/or reinforce the corneal layer.

Its anti-ageing formula, powerful in avant-garde ingredients, protects counteracting the intrinsic degradation the skin suffers, restores lost firmness and comfort. Its daily use makes it flexible and supple because the collagen net is redensified, the elastin net is restructured and the skin architecture is substantially improved.

The regular use of Elastific provides a progressive and constant improvement to the skin, resulting in a more defined contour, with smoother and a better toned skin.

Paraben Free