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Perfect Forms Fitness Partner


What is Fitness Partner?

Available in two different versions, SLIM and SCULPT, Fitness Partner is the latest addition to the Germaine de Capuccini ‘Perfect Forms’ range. Both sets contain a unique style of shorts, alongside a tailored skincare product that is applied prior to wearing the shorts to achieve your desired body goal.

The unique Pro Fit Shorts are specifically designed to sculpt and slim the legs, thighs and buttocks using innovative IRX Smartex technology. They are made from a fabric manufactured with bioceramic fibres, that absorb heat and transform it into infra-red rays. They enhance and prolong the activeness of the product applied, providing the silhouette with the following benefits:

  • A svelte re-modelling effect
  • Stimulating the metabolism, oxygenating the skin, helping to reduce the ‘orange peel’ look.
  • Optimises the penetration and effectiveness of the skincare products

Reduce and prevent cellulite with Fitness Partner SLIM

Fitness Partner SLIM is for women who want to reduce the appearance of cellulite and refine their figure. It features ‘Slim Precision’, a unique formula of medicinal plants proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

There are several different types of cellulite:

  •      Adipose: Produced by the increase in size of the fatty cells.
  •      Fibrous: Caused by structural changes of the collagen fibres
  •      Infiltrated: Caused by liquid retention.

The natural ingredients both correct and prevent the two main factors that contribute to the cause of cellulite: Adipocytes (the fat cells that compose adipose tissue) and the circulatory system.

Slim Precision prevents the formulation of new adipocytes, drains the existing adipocytes, and improves the micro-circulation, preventing the formation of edemas.

A draining action is then produced with Lemon extract and Goldenrod Extract.  Slim Precision should be massaged into the areas of concern morning and night.

By combining the Slim Precision emulsion with the wearing of these new ‘Super Pants’, the products effects are magnified many times over and work intensely to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  The Pants can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees and should be worn daily for 8 hours over a light pair of panties.

If you wish to really maximise results, consider adding in to your daily routine the Slim Precision Supplements – take one twice a day, drink 6/8 glasses of water a day.  The results we have seen using this program have been excellent.