This product replaces the Bust Firming Mousse.
Replenish & Lift is a silky melting, rich wax that melts in your hands and allows for effective absorption through massage.  It works to restore the skin of the breasts, neck and décolletage area with the lost tone and hydration.
Contains a multi-function ingredient,

3-ACTION BUST COMPLEX, which is characterised by pursuing three joint effects on the bust:
Detoxifying action: On the epidermis, it activates the cellular detoxifying system, eliminating the oxidised proteins and the eroxidised lipids. In this way, the skin of the area immediately improves, recovering its suppleness and luminosity.

Firming action:
All the delicate area of the dermal brassiere achieves spectacular firmness thanks to the synthesis of collagen and the improvement of the structure of the extra-cellular matrix. (Optimal situation of the interaction fibroblasts -collagen fibres- extracellular matrix.) Retextures the fragile skin of the bust and décolletage, strengthening the tissue and preventing its relaxation.

Volumising action:
Increases the firmness of the bust thanks to the natural thickening of the adipose tissue; this promotes the accumulation of lipids, producing an increase in volume.
(Does not contain hormones to achieve this effect.) The tissues are redensified from inside, lifting and remodelling the breasts.
Results: The bust recovers its tone and profile, firmness and suppleness is restored.