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Elite Movers

Elite Movers was established in 2003 as a professional moving company providing moves and relocation of commercial premises, offices, homes and residences, industrial site or factories, data centers, IT equipment and computers, IT infrastructure and IT network equipment in Singapore.

The management and staff of Elite Movers combined total more than 75 years of moving and relocation experience, covering commercial, government, residential and IT sectors in Singapore.

Elite Movers engage with the client and would take the prime contractor position in a move/relocation project, however we also have successful partnerships with other carriers in the Singapore market and have working or in a sub contracting role for projects that need to be undertaken in unique circumstances like short time frames and where Elite has specific unique skills.

We pride ourselves with our skill, experience and ability to provide the logistics and manpower required for the relocation and moving of a wide variety and range of belongings, furniture, equipment, inventory, and IT infrastructure.

Our list of satisfied customers includes private individuals to companies in the residential market, commercial and industrial sectors. In addition, we also provide term contract services to companies and organizations within Singapore.

We operate daily including public holidays and weekends and when necessary around the clock (24/7) mode to meet clients’ requirements.

The Elite Movers Mission
  1. To consistently provide outstanding relocation and value added services to our clients.
  2. Ensuring each and every move is been planned carefully and meticulously to the specific requirement.
  3. Constantly improving our service standards and overall efficiency.
  4. At Elite Movers, we aim to please with timely and efficient execution that meets your every requirement.
 Our Services... Your peace of Mind   

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