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Tempur Singapore Pte Ltd

The unique TEMPUR material is an open-cell, visco-elastic, temperature-sensitive material that was first developed at NASA's Ames Research Center in 1970s to relieve the tremendous G-force experienced by astronauts during lift-off.


Adapted for the home, this extraordinary pressure-relieving material is the most advanced sleep technology today.  It is capable of moulding to the exact contours of your body, thereby providing superior musculoskeletal support and aligning your sleep posture to the correct anatomical shape giving you a feeling of weightlessness. By distributing your weight evenly and eliminating pressure points effectively, a TEMPUR Mattress facilitates blood circulation and enables a rejuvenating sleep.  


TEMPUR's range of pillows also share this unique pressure-relieving benefit and provide relief from pain, snoring and other sleep related problems.


Outside of the home, TEMPUR's office and travel accessories are comforting companions anytime, anywhere.


Today, more than 75,000 medical professionals recommend TEMPUR products and millions of people around the world are enjoying the benefits of the TEMPUR material found in TEMPUR's Mattresses, Pillow and everyday support products.




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