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"My journey in Movement from the little girl with dreams of being a ballerina in Europe, to a Movement Therapist half the way round the world in Asia, has been exciting, fulfilling and dramatically life changing. My mission in life is now to inspire everyone who comes to my Studio to share in my passion for Movement and believe that they too can improve their life style, health and appearance. When a client says, ‘My body has changed. I feel great' I know I have fulfilled my mission. This is the gift I want to share with you."



LIFE IN MOVEMENT was born out of my passion and commitment to improve the lives of people through movement.

As a Movement Consultant, it is my mission to educate and guide people to make the right choices concerning their bodies and when choosing a specific exercise programme.  I offer a unique approach to health and exercise and I believe in customising exercise routines for each individual depending on their body type, movement personality, their lifestyle and their clinical history.


Movement therapy means healing through Movement. In our busy lifestyle, lack of physical activities is the main cause of the aches and pains that plague our society. Finding an appropriate exercise program is crucial. We spend most of our days sitting in front of a computer, driving, and unfortunately, for many, even our leisure time is spent in front of a screen. Our bodies are designed to move, and in today's lifestyle, we lack physical activities.

The concept of Movement Therapy has been around for a long time. Since the beginning of 1900 pioneers like Fredrick Matthias Alexander, founder of "The Alexander technique", Moshe Feldenkrais founder of The Feldenkrais Method, and later Joseph Pilates, founder of The Pilates method, as well as contemporary creator, Julius Horvath who created the Gyrotonic Method, they all understood the healing power of movement.

Choosing and maintaining an appropriate exercise regime is the key to a healthy, pain free and efficient body.

My movement philosophy is that I recognize the uniqueness of our bodies so that I can adapt the exercise to match the body and not the body to the exercise.

In order for you to do this you must be well informed when choosing the exercise programme that will be most suited to your personal needs, to your body, to your movement personality and to your lifestyle.

To help you make the right choices, I have created the Ivana Daniell Signature Postural Assessment.

The Ivana Daniell Signature Postural Assessment.

Over the years I have designed a Postural Assessment that is suitable for everyone, from the desk bound executive to the triathlete champion and everyone in between. My assessment recognizes that each person's body is unique and each person's choice of physical regime will be different. The aim of my assessment is to ensure that informed and intelligent options are passed to you about how you can take care of your body, and how you can choose an appropriate exercise program that will most benefit your body and improve your lifestyle.

The 60 minute assessment is suitable for those:

  • embarking on a new fitness regime
  • currently pursuing a fitness regime
  • with a recurring muscle or joint pain ,or injury
  • who want to be educated about postural awareness
  • searching for an alternative nurturing environment
  • searching for a better quality of life through Intelligent Movement

My Postural Assessment is suitable for anyone who wants a professional, objective assessment of their bodies' alignment, range of movement, and advice on how to get optimum results from an exercise programme. Many of us have experienced some level of neck, shoulder or back pain, which may be attributed to postural problems. My aim is to help people make the right choices, or if they are practicing any sport or exercise, identify areas of their exercise programme that can be improved, in a safe and healthy way.

The Postural Assessment involves a thorough, step-by-step examination to determine any pathological or postural problems. Each client's Movement Personality and physical history is discussed as well as fitness and wellness goals. A comprehensive study of the body is conducted on the existing alignment and efficiency of movement, especially through the shoulders, spine, pelvis and hips.

After the assessment, you will be advised on a suitable program designed to help you achieve your personal fitness and wellness goals. The programme may include any Intelligent Movement method, or involve amendments to an existing independent exercise programme, or a combination of both.

The report is also a very useful document which can be given to your personal trainer or other fitness and sports professionals, and should be used to assist in tailoring your exercise programme. When you follow my recommendations, you will move and exercise more efficiently and minimize the risk of injuries.


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