Tai Shek Hei House of Bamboo Noodles

The origins of Bamboo Noodles date back to the 19th Century Qing Dynasty under the reign of Guang Xu Emperor.  Despite the diverse variety of noodles available during that period, Bamboo Noodles was very popular and highly regarded by gourmets for its smooth and tangy texture.


Bamboo Noodles may seem a simple dish in appearance, but the secret to its delectable taste is a result of the rigorous noodle-making process that is highly demanding and tightly controlled.  Traditionally, Bamboo Noodles are hand-made with the freshest ingredients.  Flour is added to an appropriate mixture of eggs and pure peanut oil.   It is then rubbed, kneaded and mixed into dough.  Whilst the kneading of the dough is similar to the production of other kinds of noodles, its uniqueness lies in the beating of the dough with a long, thick bamboo pole.


A ‘Shifu’ or Master has to sit on the bamboo pole and use his weight to skillfully maneuver the pole back and forth while repeatedly beating the noodle dough to achieve the Bamboo Noodles’ signature springy bite.  This beating using the bamboo poles produce noodles and wanton skin with a different texture from other types of noodles.  The taste of lye water (commonly known as ‘gee’, which is also used in making ‘gee zhang’) is not present in the noodles, unlike the typical noodles we find in Singapore.  As this process is unique to its kind, it became known affectionately as Bamboo Noodles.  After this process, the dough is then flattened and cut into noodles.


I discovered this appetizing dish during my trips to Guangzhou, China.  My love for its favorable and springy bite grew each time I tasted the noodles, which spurred me to open House of Bamboo Noodles to share this palatable dish with fellow Singaporeans and to help popularize a dish that is slowly disappearing.  I truly believe that our Bamboo Noodles will be the best noodles you have ever tasted, bringing new meaning to your dining experience.

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