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KYDZ International
What is a great gift for your young one to enjoy for many years? These materials or "gifts" are actually 14 wooden boxes of the legendary educational toys developed by Friedrich Froebel. They are an integrated approach to child development revolving around the concepts of mathematics, science and language. Children can enjoy formative play by manipulating the solid blocks and cubes and re-building them.

As a whole, they can increase children's intellectual capabilities and successfully extend their concentration. With these intricate playthings, your child can have a unique opportunity for creative expression, innovation, sensory learning, meaningful discussion and enhancing visual ability. Also, the multi-play functions allow for use as teaching aids for enrichment or group play or even individual use for the whole family to take pleasure in at home.

If you want to get a free demonstration of how these materials can work, Kydz offers a non-obligatory presentation. Upon purchase, they can come to your premises to give a free one hour comprehensive briefing and explanation on the application of these "gifts".

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