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Metrocakes Pte Ltd
Happiness can take many forms. For us at MetroCakes, the physical form of happiness is that of a cake–the contentment of biting into a well-made slice; or the thoughtfulness that comes with receiving one.

It touches our heart that so many happy occasions are celebrated with a cake (think: birthdays, weddings and babies). So why stop there, we say.

We believe that a cake is the perfect accompaniment to all things happy. Whether it's an indulgent Tiramisu for a colleague who got promoted, a Strawberry Cheesecake because your child did well in school, or a Chocolate Hazelnut Cake just to say 'hi' to a friend, every slice and every moment is well worth savouring.

There are so many special moments in our loved ones' lives that we want to be a part of, but many of us just don't have the time. That's why at MetroCakes, we are more than happy to be your messenger with doorstep delivery of lovingly baked cakes that say “My thoughts are with you”.

All it takes on your part is the decision to send your well-wishes to someone (and a couple of clicks on our website), and we promise to take care of everything else.

To make things really special, we can even customise a cake for you. No two occasions are exactly the same, so why should your cake be? Sit down with our chef for a personalised consultation, or simply send us a picture of your inspiration, and we'll create the cake as unique as you are.

We're always having fun dreaming up ideas. Just look at our miniatures–who says you can't please everyone? By piecing together a selection of our miniatures, you'll form your own special creation with flavours everyone will love!

It's our way of delivering a slice of happiness to you and those you care about.


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