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Song Fish Dealer Pte Ltd

At Song Fish, we are committed in providing our customers with the utmost in service, quality and customer satisfaction. We offer free, prompt, and reliable delivery within Singapore. Please contact our sales staff to discuss your seafood needs TODAY.

Operations Hours are :
Mondays to Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm
Sundays & Public Holidays 8:30am to 12:00pm

Import / Export :
Building on our reputation as a leading supplier of frozen seafood and poultry, our company has established a wide net work of international packers and trades all over the world. We export a wide variety of products throughout Asia and the rest of the world, always ensuring on-time delivery of cargo – as promised.

Our goal is to help our clients grow their business, by leveraging on our strong reputation and extensive network of suppliers and partners. We are also interested in establishing working relationships with new seafood supplier. As one of the key wholesalers in Southeast Asia, we are constantly sourcing different kinds of fresh and frozen seafood products.

Wholesale :
As a leading supplier in fresh and frozen seafood in Singapore, we are able to provide our customer with an extensive products range of seafood and poultry. We believe in providing fresh and quality seafood to all our customer at the most competitive price.

Local Distribution :
With more than 30 years of experience in local distribution, we supply a wide variety of fresh and frozen seafood products to all types of institutions – from hotels to restaurants, from food caterers to ship chandlers and wholesalers to retailers.

As a HACCP and ISO22000 certified seafood processing company, we utilize a strict quality control system to ensure that our customer only gets the highest quality seafood at the most competitive price.

Retail :
Song Fish retail showroom is where the freshest catch of the day can be seen, bought, cleaned and cut in the way you want. And it is this unique "clean and cut it your way" service that attracts our customers.

Customers are spoilt for choice here. Not only the freshest catch of the day can be seen, we have variety of high quality frozen seafood, meat and value added products, all ready to cook for you and your love ones.

Freshest Seafood Available to you @
Song Fish Dealer Pte Ltd
(Retail Showroom)
19 Fishery Port Road
Singapore 619736
Mon to Sat: 8am to 5pm
Sun & P.H.: 8.30 to 12pm

Home Delivery:
Can’t visit our retail showroom? Not to worry. We have extended our services by providing home delivery services to our customers.

Our seafood products are immediately freezed within hours of harvest to bring a "fresh-caught" flavor to our consumers. Using this fresh-frozen method, we are able to ensure full nutritional values and quality in our seafood Hence, you will still get the freshest seafood at your doorstep. We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality seafood at the most competitive pricing and we ensure in sending premium seafood to your destinations…

Pre-order One day in advance for home delivery
Free Delivery for purchases above $150 (for CNY $200)
Cash On Delivery

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