Sweet Secrets

SweetSecrets started back in 1988 as a small pastry shop in Holland Village. It ventured to introduce hotel style mousse cakes, French pastries and specialty breads to the masses with its affordable pricing and wide selections.

Due to the innovative and creative talents of it's founder cum pastry chef Richard Liew, Sweet Secrets attracted several high praises from prominent food critics and quickly established itself amongst the leaders in the confectionery market.

Its specialty mousse cakes became so popular that outlets were opened year after year to cater to the demand. By 1992, in order to cope with the increasing business, a production centre was set up in Aljunied to handle all the production and distribution of its freshly baked goods to its 7 outlets islandwide.

Sweet Secrets produces mainly French style mousse cakes and pastries, a wide range of specialty breads and buns, confectionery items and seasonal festive goodies. All products using high quality ingredients to ensure satisfaction.

In it's quest to keep up with a modern society, it now boasts a first in Singapore with the latest technology of computer-printed photo-cakes whereby photographic images can be faithfully printed onto cakes, using food colourings and edible materials.

Sweet Secrets is now a household name and a trendsetter in the bakery industry, and is continually striving to bring high quality innovative and delicious products to its consumers.

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