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Kuishin-Bo Authentic Japanese Buffet Restaurant: Freshly Revamped and Freshly Served

“Bustling with activity” comes to mind when describing the newly revamped Japanese buffet restaurant located at Suntec City Tower 1. Even after upping the seating capacity to over 200, Kuishin-Bo is bursting with faithful supporters who were undoubtedly pining for its re-opening since its temporary closure a month ago. Claiming Japanese fine-dining restaurant, Kuriya, and authentic Japanese sushi bar, Ichiban Sushi, as sister restaurants, Kuishin-Bo is set to wow with both quality and quantity.

  • The Vibe
    Kuishin-Bo did not undergo an entire facelift, fortunately. Diners will be glad to find the restaurant still sporting a familiar brightly lit, cozy, casual feel with light wooden dining furniture and display counters. When the frantic, starving dining crowd comes in, beware – the restaurant can get rather cramped and anyone claustrophobic has been warned here.
  • The Food
    The star attraction of Kuishin-Bo Authentic Japanese Buffet is none other than the all-famous Snow Crabs. And that is a free flow of Snow Crabs, at dinner-time. It is sheer joy to see the fat crab lying prettily in front of you, to pick up the pair of scissors for easy de-shelling, to scrape the generous flesh off with your fork, and to finally deliver the fruit of your labour onto your awaiting tongue. The crab is bursting with an abundance of fresh, sweet goodness from the sea and I was won over by the crab right from the start.

    Continue to partake of fresh sea produce with their array of shells, crustacean and sashimi. The fat, juicy-looking prawns did not disappoint – fresh, firm flesh was sweet upon the palate and free for all to take. Crayfish is available, though more effort is required to pry through its thick shell and the resulting flesh is not as pleasing as the prawns. There is also an assortment of shells, which look so exotic I cannot even put a name to such, that really only appeal to the true shell-enthusiast. If you fancy a pungent taste of the sea, you will probably delight in these peculiar shells. Otherwise, stick to the prawns or go for some generous slabs of raw fish.

    Sashimi is very well-received at Kuishin-Bo, apparent from its presence on almost every table. Besides the usual Sake (Salmon) and Maguro (Tuna), there is also Hamachi (Yellowtail) and Tako (Octopus) as well. The sashimi offered is fresh but not as tantalizing as you would expect from Kuriya or Ichiban, probably because they are left out on the buffet counters in large quantities and over a longer period of time.

    Japanese cuisine is never authentic without sushi. Chefs at Kuishin-Bo frequently dish out new innovations on their sushi counter. But if you would rather have something more savoury, go for some Yakitori (skewered meat) or Ebi Tempura (fried prawns). The ebi tempura, with its golden crisp exterior and creamy treasure of prawn within, is a definite crowd-pleaser and must be savoured piping hot. Go easy on the special soy sauce dipping for the tempura unless you want to shock your taste buds into disability. Another of the restaurant's highlight is the Japanese paper steamboats. Offering diners a choice between seafood and salmon steamboat, Kuishin-Bo captivates palates with a sweet Miso stock that is fully flavoured with the vegetables, mushrooms and seafood found in each pot.

    To satisfy your sweet tooth, there are Mochi ice cream desserts and Matcha soft ice cream to end your filling meal on a high note. Soft ice cream is availed through a machine but remember to turn the ice cream tap and drain the first streams of molten liquid away before swiftly catching the fat swirl of ice cream in a cup. The glutinous rice balls with ice cream filling are extremely addictive, especially enjoyable over a cup of coffee and small talk with friends after a heavy meal.

  • The Service
    This is a fully self-serviced buffet restaurant but waiting staff is always around to attend to your dining needs, be it more serviettes, a new pair of chopsticks or enquiries about the food. They are quick to clear your empty plates too, which is a definite plus for buffet restaurants, so you always have ample table space for more glorious food!

SD Food Advisor's Take on Kuishin-Bo
For $24.80++ (Monday to Thursday) or $27.80++ (Friday to Sunday & Public Holiday), you can enjoy everything at midday except for snow crab and a selection of shells. If you would rather enjoy a languorous meal, complete with a free flow of snow crab, in the evening, go for dinner at $33.80 (Monday to Thursday) or $39.80 (Friday to Sunday & Eve of and Public Holiday).

Diners who arrive in droves will tell you that it's not just their free flow of Snow Crabs that attracts so much patronage, but the cozy and casual setting of Kuishin-Bo that makes it a perfect place for family gatherings and catching up with friends. Their deluge of promotions, such as Ladies' Night on Wednesdays (ladies feast for 2 hours at $24.80 or $26.80++) and 60 Minutes Lunch on weekdays ($19.80++ from Monday to Friday), only gives diners more reason to visit Kuishin-Bo for a fun and fuss-free meal.

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