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Urban Homme: The Men Finally Get It

Undeniably, Hollywood and the media industry have put quite an impact on body issues and quite the damper on ego matters. Pictures of wash-bod abs, the chiselled face and basically, everything ripped are plastered everywhere you go. You can afford to lose that middle-age stomach and your complexion is in need of some tender loving care and attention, too. But throw in factors like schedule and *scoff* laziness * scoff* and you’re pretty much on a losing situation still. If you are, however, more like Slim Jim than Muscle Jim, and are continually putting off some basic things in life like taking care of yourself then we may have found the answer for you.

Urban Homme is a spa-like salon that caters specifically to men and offers a variety of treatments that will get you feeling super again. With a series of programmes that emphasize no injections, no medication and no dieting, Urban Home aims to be the spa that breaks down those barriers that have previously kept men from trying to look and feel their best. Women need it? Well, so do men. The game has just gotten a few notches higher and you want to stay in it, player.

Urban Homme is currently the largest face and body studio of its kind for men in Singapore . Its flagship outlet at the Amara, takes up more than 70% of the space at the facilities it shares Mary Chia, its parent company. Such a radical space allocation is an industry first and reflects the priority it now places on serving men.

Having committed more than $500,000 on renovations alone, the results create an exclusive Zen-themed environment of top-notch facilities and appeal. The environment has a soothing, healing feel to it with light new age music waves throughout the air and fountains abound. The changing room is well-lit, comes complete with a fingerprint controlled locker and a cozy, refreshing private shower. Tranquil and comforting, the Amara centre is a nice respite from the busy world outside. The staff, led by a male masseuse, is friendly and helpful. However, they do provide female therapists, but this is subjected to requests. Such exclusivity and deference towards men is rarely -if ever - seen in the traditionally female-dominated beauty industry.

There are three types of programmes available for men at Urban Homme and fall under the categories of Body, Face and Spa. Effects of the Urban Homme treatments may vary with different customers and skin types, but most treatments, especially the WF Advanced Slim/Facelift treatments, will yield immediate, lasting results after the first treatment.

As the categories already show, the treatments are specifically targeted at different body parts. The Pressure Point Massage is thorough, accommodating and really gets down to combating those aches and muscles. If shedding a few pounds is on your agenda then the Body programme, which includes treatments for beer bellies and love handles, is worth checking out.

Face treatments include an Aroma Essence Face Massage and a Face Rejuvenation Programme, as well as treatments for double chins and eyebrow enhancements. If safety is a concern, rest assured that all treatments at Urban Homme are safe and medically-certified with high-end, patented technology. Where necessary, certain treatments (like botox, inventive liposuction and face fillers) will only be carried out by certified doctors.

However, the pricing for these treatments are pretty steep, with most reaching into the hundreds. And this bearing in mind that it is not a one-treatment solution for all. You will have to come back for multiple treatments which means more moolah for that ideal body. The advantage here is the work is being done for you. So you win some, you lose some.

By doing its homework, Urban Homme has positioned itself as a major player in the beauty and slimming industry and has recently shifted more attention to target Singapore 's affluent and aspiring modern men. With these changes, Urban Homme is propagating the belief that men too, like women, can and should be empowered with the knowledge and know-how of looking and feeling good, both body and soul.

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