Singapore Top Facebook Groups to follow

Apart from following Streetdirectory facebook, here are some facebook groups you can join to share & get the latest happenings, improve your income opportunity or even start a hobby. 

1. We Love to Shoot

Photography Club

Dedicated to all photographers who loves to Shoot! Share your work here and share experiences. Your work (if selected) will also be publicised through Streetdirectory facebook and with credits given to you. We also have some freelance projects which will be shared to all photographers from time to time.

Singapore Taxi Drivers

Join this group only if you are a Singapore taxi Driver. We dont accept complaints about taxi Drivers in Singapore. This is where taxi Drivers share and communicate with each other including sharing places with the best income and where to avoid (especially places that are dead + have to give money and demerit points away! 

3. Singapore Road Accident Alerts (SRAA)

Singapore Traffic Alerts

SRAA is where drivers

  • Get real-time alerts on road accidents.  
  • Alert fellow drivers if you spot 'Subaru Matars' or our friendly shooters doing their 'Laser Speed Camera' thingy (which seems to be growing)
  • Share images of road accidents