Atehena Tan, Customer
22 Mar 2013

If you are searching for the best rebonding in Singapore, look no further. Located in the east area of Singapore, Invogue, to my surprise, a humble salon that really works their magic on your hair. I'm so grateful for the miracle they've done for me. Goodbye frizzy and unruly hair. Thanks Invogue! and I see you soon.


Daniel00 (Courtesy, Stomp)
22 Mar 2013

Here’s what most of you wants to hear, the outcome? Well, in our opinion, the outcome was phenomenal. Lisa’s damaged hair was totally restored! Her rebonded hair condition is soft, silky smooth and straight. We have to compliment them for giving us such a great and quality service. When we asked Kalvin about his secret to providing this perfect rebond, he replied, every hair condition is different. As such the stylist needs to understand the texture of the hair, elasticity and condition of the hair before agreeing to do any rebond. Those factors are what determine the timing to the duration of the rebonding process. Failure to understand that, will lead to damage hair. Your hair will ‘break’. At it will become frizzy. Adding on, he even rejects some clients with badly damaged hair who wishes to rebond their hair. He said, rebonding would worsen the condition. The solution is to have your hair cut. That will do the trick. I guess Lisa is quite fortunate that her hair can still be rebonded. If you are interested, perhaps you can ask them for their advise first. It's free anyway.

Edgar Wong, Customer
22 Mar 2013

I feel that it getting more competitive these days. Finding the salon you trust could be very difficult. But Am happy I've found Invogue Salon. One, among many that have win my trust and my girlfriend. Kudos for providing the best rebonding in Singapore as well as the Ombre coloring effect. The girls love it.

Siti Raudah Ahmad, Customer
22 Mar 2013

After searching for so long, I've finally found a salon that provides such a wonderful and humble service. Without a doubt listening is very important. And Invogue certainly did. I'm happy with my rebonding result I would say the best rebonding in Singapore indeed.

Candice Lau881 (Courtesy, Cozycot)
22 Mar 2013

Am truly happy to have found this thread and likewise Invogue. Not only they provide great and humble service (Salon equipped with visual entertainment to aid your long and tiring wait), they never boast about how good they are. Infact they are humble and down-to-earth people. And most importantly they listen and advices.

Krishnan, Customer
22 Mar 2013

Love the way you handle our hair problem and we truly understand the constraint you're facing. We are truly happy with the rebonding result even though we've had to cut slightly shorter but the end result was fabulous. Thank you Invogue.

Celine Cheong and Amanda Lee, Customer
22 Mar 2013

Besides providing the best rebonding in Singapore, I'm certainly in loved with their ombre coloring skills. My friends and I are truly addicted to their colours collection. We have no worries as the herbal dyes are safe and won't cause any side effect or long term damage. Thanks Invogue! Love you guys.

Vanessa Goh (Courtesy, Cozycot)
22 Mar 2013

I have to compliment them, Noel and especially Kalvin for the job well done! Very diligent and patient indeed! Fabulous warm and cosy experience, great hair treatment/haircut and fantastic service! The hair rebonding result is Phenomenal! My hair never look this good before. It’s is silky straight, smooth and soft. My bf and I Love the look and feel of it. He can’t stop touching it!​​​​​​​​​​

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