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11 Jan 2013

I am so happy to have met Ms Tan and Li Ping. They have helped to cure my acne-prone skin. Previously my skin was so dull and congested. I had tried many skincare products but my acne problem still remained. After meeting the both of them, with their professionalism, they managed to squeeze out all my stubborn pimples with only two treatments. I was so secure under their care. All my friends now tell me how smooth and clean my face looks. I will definitely introduce more friends to Belleza Skin Care

-Yukie (08/01/13)

11 Jan 2013

I was introduced to Xiubao by a colleague. Initially when I first encountered her, my nose area was filled with pimples. Mnay told me that it was oil pores but Xiubao proved me wrong and managed to squeeze out all my stubborn pimples.
She's very professional and I feel safe under her care.
Shortly after, I introduced my sister and friends to her. It has been a year since I have been with her. Loving all my facial sessions with her.
Thank you Annie for taking care of my skin. Without you, my face wouldnt be this great.

-Catherine (15/12/12)

11 Jan 2013

I have had problematic skin throughout most of my youth and over the years, I have tried all kinds of rememdies. Beauty products, medication, natural remedies that my mother would force on me in hopes of making my tempermental skin better, but to no avail.
After only a few weeks at Belleza under Annie's care, my skin has flourished. I came in with no confidence that this time would be no different, but I am glad to say that I was mistaken. With every session, my skin continues to improve and I look forward to my visits here even though I live all the way on the other side of the island.
I will definitely continue to patronize this salon and I am sure I am not the only one in the long line of satisfied and dedicated customers. Where Annie goes, I will follow for there is no one else I trust with the care of my skin.

-Farah (15/12/12)

Min Min
11 Jan 2013

I first knew Annie through my sister and I had heard so much about her and her good skills and that attracted me to her salon. She is serious in her work, in providing me with the best service she can provide. I always consult her about products I use and one thing good and unique about her is that she would not persuade me to buy her whole range of products. She would only recommend me those which my skin needs. She has become my beauty consultant, my friend. Due to her trustworthy character, I recommend her to my friends and loved ones.With her taking good care of my skin, I have nothing much to worry about anymore. My face improved under her care and I do hope i can follow her wherever she goes. Annie Xiubao, thank you for transforming my face and giving me a problem free face.

-Min Min (27/11/12)

11 Jan 2013

Annie has been my beauty consultant since 2005. All these years, my problematic and sensitive skin has improved temendously under her caure. I like to engage Annie because she always puts all her heart and effort in serving me.
Customers' interest is her top priority and she works for long term relationships. I always enjoy the facial sessions with her as she is careful on every area and dedicated to each step.
She will use the most suitable products and technology on me and the result makes me feel great.
I have total confidence in Annie and wherever she goes, I will follow her. In life, there are too many things to worry about, but for my skin, I leave it to Annie to tske care of as I know she will do her best to make me feel confident and great.

-Jocelyn Lee (15/04/12)

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