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Firms dealing in Secretarial services will be able to advise you on the type of outfit suitable for you. They will do the necessary registration on your behalf. You can try Serviced Offices to quickly set up a local presence while building your main team.
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1.  Air Cargo Service
2.  Aviation Services
3.  Cargo Container
4.  Cargo Related
5.  Cargo Container Leasing
6.  Cargo Container Manufacturing
7.  Container Freight Services
8.  Courier
9.  Courier Service
10.  Delivery Service
11.  Distribution Service
12.  Express Service
13.  Express Forwarding
14.  Freight Consolidating
15.  Freight Forwarder
16.  Freight Forwarding
17.  Importers
18.  Logistics Company
19.  Logistics
20.  Mail Delivery Service
21.  Mail Addressing
22.  Postal Service
23.  Expediting Services
24.  Home Delivery
25.  Post Office
26.  Local Delivery Service
27.  Lettershop
28.  Van Delivery
29.  Movers and Packers
30.  House Movers
31.  Professional Movers
32.  International Couriers
33.  Courier Company
34.  Logistics Services
35.  Courier Delivery
36.  Overnight Courier
37.  Logistics Service Provider
38.  Air Freight Services
39.  Cargo Damage
40.  Cargo Survey
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Mail Delivery Service
Courier Service
Mail Order
Mail Addressing
Cargo Container
Expediting Services
Air Freight
Shipment Handling
Airport Transfer
Freight Forwarder
Post Office
International Freight
Consolidation for Dangerous Cargo
Dangerous Cargo for Full Load Container
Freight Forwarder Specializing in Dangerous Cargo
Air Transport
Cargo Survey
Aircraft Broker
Aircraft Charter
Aircraft School
Aircraft Servicing
Airline Companies
Air Transportation
Aircraft Manufacturer
Aeronautical Supply
Helicopter Charter
Customer Satisfaction
Aviation Consultant
Cargo Container Manufacturing
Cargo Container Leasing
Cargo Related
Air Cargo Service
Trailer Container
Container Handling Equipment
Freight Forwarding
Air Freight
Freight Forwarder
Transport Equipment
Chemical Specialist for Hazardous Cargo
Logistics for Dangerous Cargo
Weighing Scale
Container Freight Services
Freight Consolidating
Contract Manufacturing
Chemical Container
Distribution Service
Freight Transportation Service
Delivery Service
Courier Service
Transportation Related
Express Forwarding
Express Service
Logistics Services
Air Cargo Service
Transportation Related
Distribution Service
Information Central
Logistics Services
Food Delivery
Food Service Management
LPG Home Delivery Gas
Customer Loyalty
Take Away Delivery
Catering Services
Cake Delivery
Postal Service
Freight Forwarder
Warehousing Logistics
Publicity Service
Logistics Company
Procurement Service
Mailing Machine
Freight Elevator
Fruit Importer
Vegetable Import
Car Exporters
Export Car
Umbrella Exporter
Commodity Trader
Trading Company
Export Representative
Household Goods Moving & Storage
Logistics Courses
Holding Company
System Integration
System Integrator
Stamp Collecting Dealer
Stamps For Collector
Flowers Delivery
Home Flooring
Home Decoration
Home Accessories
Direct Mail Advertising
Direct Marketing
Marketing and Advertising
Marketing Service
Van Rental
Lorry Canopy
Lorry Transport
Bus Transportation Services
Land Transport
Transport Agent
Transport Security Service
Transport Service
Transport Trailer
Transportation Consultant
Trailer Truck
Truck Rental
Used Truck Dealer
Truck Repair
Industrial Trucks
New Truck Dealer
Crane Rental
Mobile Crane
Furniture Movers
International Movers
Heavy Equipment Movers
Specialty Mover
Mechanical Packing
Packing Services
Professional Movers
House Movers
Movers and Packers
Logistics Company
Engineering Surveys
Surveying Services
Surveying Instrument
Surveying Equipment
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