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On behalf of the teachers and students of SGSS, Thank you for the well-organised trip to Cambodia. It was a good trip, and everyone truly enjoyed ourselves. With this 2nd year running, I am even more convinced that I can depend on your company to provide excellent service and trustable guides.   Wishing you all a smooth-sailing business.

Head, Humanities
St.Gabriel's Secondary School

I am writing this email to thank you for the help in ensuring that our International Service Learning Expedition in Fengxian, China was a great success. We are very pleased and grateful to you for your patience and advice to the planning and meeting of our requests (especially on the token of appreciation). Our students were pleasantly surprised to have such a luxury accomodation in Fengxian which was supposed to be a rural district in Shanghai. This was really beyond our expectation and you have helped us gave them a different learning experience in Fengxian and they appreciated it very much.

Lastly, we would also like to commend on Mr Richard. He understood our school Service Learning objectives and he has been of a great help to us throughout the expedition. He was friendly and was able to establish a great rapport with our students. He always give his best to fulfill our request during the on-site service learning.  

Overall, we are pleased with the entire expedition in terms of Service Learning objectives, Accomodation, Itinerary and Food. We hope to collaborate with you again in the near future.   Thank you.

Thomas Wan
Subject Head Pupil Development
Tampines Secondary School

Thank you very much for all the coordination to make the trip so fruitful and enjoyable for our students.    Junbao, thank you for creating so many opportunities for us to host the Taiwan teachers and students.

It is a great learning opportunity for us, and from the teacher chaperons, we have actually picked up a couple of tips in handling students overseas. However, we have not been very great hosts, which I still feel very sorry about...Nevertheless, you have played a vital role in building the links for us, and creating learning platforms for our students, teachers and parents. So, thank you very very much! 谢谢你.......  

I learnt from my colleagues that the Taiwan teachers and students have been great hosts!  I will be writing to Liu zhu ren to thank the school for their hospitality.

Yunhan aka Oon Hang
Maris Stella High School (Primary)

Thanks a lot for all your help and the care that you've shown towards our teachers and pupils throughout the trip. Please have a good rest and I will catch up with you when I return. Please send my regards to Queenie as well. Thanks.  

It was a pleasure working with you. 

Xing Nan Primary School 

We've a wonderful time in Xi'an. The tour guide and the driver were very professional, approachable and helpful. They re-arranged the schedule very professionally to maximise our time there. We would highly recommend this tour guide.  

Heartfelt thanks fror your assistance for making all these possible for us.

Tye Lee Chern 
Vice Principal
Maha Bodhi School

It is with such great honor that I take this opportunity to, on behalf of the City of Kigali and its Districts,  express our sincere gratitude for all your asssistance during our stay in your Country. Your encouraging eagerness to share with us your time and unsummountable treasure of knowledge leaves us completely humbled. We appreciate your commitment in assisting us embark on our journey of development.   Please expect an official letter of appreciation from Her Worship the Mayor. 

Liliane Uwanziga Mupende
Head of Land Use Management and GIS Unit Kigali City

Thanks so much for your efficient/effective facilitation. In the end
everything went smoothly. Cheers! :) 

Luke Tay
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Just wanna to drop you a note of appreciation. All of us really enjoyed the short trip. The food and tour were great. Thanks for the arrangement. Looking forward to our next trip with your company in the near future.

Lian Ji-Yee
Assistant Manager
Personal Banking

All of us really enjoyed our trip to Hongkong. Thank you for the detailed and well organised trip done by your company. We are looking forward to travelling with your company again for our December Trip! Cheers! 

Yuan Dong
 Chemical Site Coordinator
ExxonMobil Chemical Operations Private Limited (Company No. 199409267G)
100 Jurong Island Highway, Singapore 627867 >

Thank you for arranging everything for us during the Shanghai Trip. Everyone of us really enjoyed ourselves very much. We really appreciate the great service to us by you and the local tour guide during the whole trip in Shanghai. Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Jessica Chen
Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd (Co Regn No. 195800026C)
Sales & Marketing Automotive Aftermarket, Asean (RBSI/SAA)

Thank you for your help for the nanjing Trip. It was a good learning journey for the children. As such, my school is thinking of going overseas next year, perhaps Taiwan (1st choice) or elsewhere. Does your company have such learning tours?

Mr Er 
Zhenghua Primary School 

我们感谢您 的服务,使我们这一趟南京之行顺利进行,从第一天与您联络,各种的疑问和担心,您都快马家鞭,一一迎刃而解。 您多方便的配合,让我们在短短的五天南京之行,获益不浅。再次向您说声谢谢。 盼望明年再次的合作


The local guide Margaret did a very good job. She is knowledgeable, friendly and patient with children. Well done!

Ms Sahida Bte md Kassim
Poi CHing School

The local tour agents were polite and professional. The trip was enjoyable and informative. They made it a point to explain briefly what we can expect in each learning site before we get down the coaches for the tour of learning sites. We enjoyed the lunch at farmer’s homes. They were highly hospitable and prepared delicious home-cooked food for us, which all of us enjoyed.

Mdm Foo Lee Wee
Gan Eng Seng School

The agent provided prompt response/ feedback to all our queries before the period of travel, there was good communication. The agent was always contactable in China, he had a very good rapport with the students. He ensured that the daily schedule of programme was executed without any difficulty.

Ms Denna Ong
Tampines Secondary School 

Very good travel services provided by Ocean Melody Travel! Always accommodating to school’ needs and making necessary changes accordingly.

MJcyaram Kadivan
St. Gabriel’s Secondary School

感受新加坡国家特点,体会了快捷,细致,周到的组织安排,活动赋教于乐,学好玩好,很受教育,在开心的同时感受了进步的动力,导游服务非常细心,耐心, 周到,值得长期开展及参与。


这次行程激发了我学习英语的热情, 通过对新加坡的了解与认知, 更加坚定了我倒新加坡学习的信念, 导游YUKI 姐姐很友好, 帮助我认识了不一样的新加坡, 谢谢!

杨晨薇 同学 

同学们学会了自理,自立,懂得相互间帮助,促进了团结,锻炼了英语口语能力及听力,增长了见识, 学习了不同的文化


基本了解了新加坡的教育体制,无论是教育理念课程, 设置,还是我国文化建设方面均有许多值得借鉴之处,收获颇丰!


本次参访内容让我们欣赏到新加坡对德育教育的重视,浸润在生活中的点点滴滴, 很感动。 从细微之处入手,将“以人为本”真正落在实处。  我们非常感谢海之韵教育培训公司的服务人员周到的帮助,让我们很温暖,很温馨,为我们想的很周到,做的周全。祝海之韵教育培训机构越办越好!


海之韵的工作人员Yuki 工作极其认真,负责,对我们非常热情体贴,素质高,从她身上,我们看到了一个热爱新加坡, 具有仁爱之心,慈悲之心,传递积极价值观,值得我们学习的公民品质。

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