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Facilitating Training Program and Study Visit for Government and Non Government Organizations 

Over the 40 years, Singapore has built itself to be not just a successful economic miracle; it has turned itself into the center of excellence in many fields such as the civil services, education, medical, aviation, advance technology etc.  Its reputation as a thriving business hub has reached far and wide.   

Singapore’s success story is a model that has continued to fascinate many in both the developed and developing world.  In more recent years, facilitated by the increase in global travel, this small island state has attracted many to explore what makes it tick.  Delegations upon delegations from various part of the world such as China, Middle East and Africa have visited Singapore to learn about its story.  These comprise not only government officials but also individuals from all sectors of business.  Being a center of excellence, Singapore offers many choices of training for foreign government and corporations.  Training programs and study visits can be customized to your needs.  

Through our extensive network among the public and private training providers and institution in Singapore both in the public and private sector, Ocean Melody is able to organize training programs, study visits and workshop in areas which Singapore has a competitive edge.  We hope to be your doorway to catch a glimpse into the story behind Singapore’s success.  

Our experience in organizing programs and visits in the various fields would help provide a value for money experience for you and your organization.  Among our satisfied client are officials from various ministries from China, officials from Guandong, Shandong, Jiangsu and Liaoning provincial government.  We also work very closely with officials from Singapore government agencies such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Civil Service College and Singapore Cooperation Enterprise. In year 2007, we have also provided our service to a World Bank delegate on study visit on the Singapore Technical Vocational and Education Training system.  

Besides facilitating training programs, Ocean Melody specializes in travel and leisure arrangement for the visitors and delegation members.

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