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In the fast-paced technology world, it can be hard to keep up with the newest trends and specifications.
Here at Sonic Connection, we pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to our customers' needs.
Our staff will gladly give you the jumping-on point for choosing the most suitable handset for you amongst the latest models.

We are dedicated to selling only quality merchandise at the best reasonable prices to our valued clients.
Our store stocks a large assortment of the latest mobile sets from a plethora of brands including Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, Nokia, Asus and LG. You should be able to find something that piques your interest!

We also offer trade-in services, so rest assured that we will help you get a worthy trade-off value for your mobile phone. If you require repair services for your mobile phone, we’ll have you covered here at Sonic Connection.
Simply give us a call or come by to our store at Bukit Merah View for help!

(Terms and Conditions apply)

Terms & Conditions

  • Your sales order is confirmed as per your selected date & time. We will contact you for clarification if applicable.
  • We will refund the amount paid if the order is cancelled due to unavailability of goods or our inability to deliver the goods within the agreed time frame
  • All premiums & freebies are on while stocks last basis
  • The online transaction shall be governed by the laws of Singapore.
  • We highly recommend that our customers test their phones thoroughly after received the phone.
  • Sonic Connection & CMS reserves the right to alter, modify, add to or otherwise vary these Specific Terms and Conditions
Shipping & delivery
  • Delivery limited to Singapore mainland only. We reserve the right to determine the locations that are deemed inaccessible.
  • The following conditions are to be fulfilled upon delivery:-
    • You or your appointed recipient has to be present to receive the goods.
    • You will be asked to produce your photo ID for verification.
  • For all overseas customers, you shall pay for all shipping, taxes & handling charges.
  • Sonic Connection & CMS will not accept responsibilities for late or non-deliveries under following conditions:-
    • Recipient is not present at the address given within those hours during which delivery was requested to take place.
    • The address given is incorrect.
    • No such person at the given address.
    • No valid contact number was given for us to make reasonable attempts to contact the recipient in order to execute the order successfully.
    • Any other conditions that are beyond our control.
  • For items to be delivered by post, payment MUST be done via PayPal:
    • Sonic Connection & CMS will verify order & confirm receipt of payment before mailing the item (s).
    • Delivery by post to local addresses only.
    • Customers should receive item (s) within 5 working days, after received payment.
  • For self-collection, any persons with online payment is required to bring along his/her original NRIC and the credit card that is used for payment.
  • If someone else is collecting on your behalf, kindly advise him/her to bring along his/her original NRIC for verification together with your NRIC and credit card

Please understand that most of our items are of a higher value and we would like to safeguard both your and our interest.

  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice. We reserve the right to reject any payment or orders if prices are deemed inaccurate upon purchase.
  • For items that require installation, charges will be applied separately.

You can make payment by the following modes:-

  • Brand new local handsets would be warrantied by its individual relevant companies.
  • Local new set sold are carry Singapore warranty, unless stated otherwise.
  • Different waranty periods are provided for different products from the manufacturers / distributors
  • The period of the Repair Warranty will be one month from the date of phone collection. Faults arising outside of this period will not be covered by the Repair Warranty.

Note regarding Use Cases not covered by warranty:

  • You can damage your phone by carrying it in your rear pocket during squatting, bending and sitting.
  • Damage can occur when a phone is repeatedly knocked by items in an enclosed space e.g. your pocket, a purse, knapsack or briefcase etc.
  • Sonic Connection & CMS total liability herein respect of each event or series of connected events shall not exceed the total price paid for the purchase of products and / or services under these Terms & Condtions.
  • Sonic Connection & CMS & Customer agree that Sonic Connection & CMS will not liable for data lost, corrupted, deleted or altered. Sonic Connection & CMS shall not be liable to the Customer for any incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the purchase, use or performance of products or services.
  • Any typographical, clerical or other error omission in sales literature, quotation, price list, acceptance of offer, invoice or other documents or information issued by Sonic Connection & CMS shall be subject to correction without any liability on the part of Sonic Connection & CMS
  • The Trade-In values are only approximate valuations. The actual trade-in value may depend on our evaluation of a number of factors, including original physical condition, original accessories, remaining manufacturer's warranty (if any) and original box
  • To obtain an accurate quote for your phone, please bring the entire set to our shop for a definite trade-in value
  • We reserves the right to refuse any trade-in for any reason (e.g. damaged/non-working devices)