Vehicle Breakdown Service in Malaysia

If you are AA Singapore Member and your vehicle has a breakdown while in Malaysia, you can contact AAM Breakdown Hotline for assistance.

  • Call the toll free number 1300 226 226 (If you have a Malaysia registered number)
  • Otherwise, call the AAM 24-hr call centre number at +60 3 2027 4780. 
  • Alternatively, you may call Singapore at +65 6748 9911

AAM Breakdown Service

Please note that breakdown service only covers vehicles with system failures. It does not cover accident vehicles. Members must present their AA Singapore membership to the AAM crew or its contractors for verification. 

  1. Service is chargeable
  2. Payment must be made on-the-spot (for service to be rendered).
  3. If towing back to Singapore is required, members have to liase directly with the AAM tow operator to bring the vehicle to Singapore where AA Singapore tow operators will take over the towing.
  4. Members are required to pay all necessary charges required by the Malaysian Customs. These charges are not claimable from AA Singapore.

AA Singapore members enjoy a one-time maximum reimbursement of RM50 per claim, per year if they utilize the services of AAM-appointed workshops, mechanics and towing contractor. The original receipt must be submitted to AA Singapore within two (2) weeks of the incident.