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The effects and benefits of the Power Slim treatment:

  1.  Effective slimming with no rebounding effects (you can resume your normal diet after the slimming course is over!)
  2. Lose your weight by the inches : We are able to target the slimming to wherever you desire. 
  3. Improves blood and qi circulation and lymphatic drainage, therefore preventing Water retention issues
  4. Boosts physical fitness: Regulates the body's yin & yang imbalances, thus regulating blood and qi circulation, henceforth achieving Health and Beauty wellness while alleviating illnesses at the same time. Additionally, it improves digestion, improving one's metabolism rate.

The principles of the Power Slim treatment:

  1. Through the stimulation of acupuncture points and in turn clearing the meridians, the body's basal metabolism rate is adjusted and accelerated to burn excess fats into carbohydrates and then converted into energy, thus providing for the basic needs of the human body.
  2. By increasing the rate of burning of fats and the resulted increase in amount of heat produced, fat molecules are reduced from near the skin surface to deeper areas of our bodies.
  3. Thus, one can then enjoy slimming in the safest, healthiest and the most rapid manner. 

The methods in which we use for the Power Slim treatment:

It is performed using suction cups and it adopts a combination of five therapies:
-  Acupuncture  - Acupoint Pressing  - Magnetic Treatment  -  Negative Pressure  - Medicinal Osmosis

These methods aid in the adjustment and acceleration of your metabolism rate. Power Slim is designed to tackle your root weight problems and thus prevents rebounding effects. Some people (regardless of whether they are overweight or not) experience difficulties in losing excess weight or inches and this is largely due to the fact of slowing or innately slow metabolism rate. People with a lower metabolism rate would tend to gain weight easily, even if he/she does not eat excessively, as the carbohydrates in consumption are not used up and thus converted into fats.

You will be able to observe a significant weight loss!

  • Full body Slimming: Identify area with unwanted flab
  • Local area slimming: face, double chin, arms, abdomen, waist, back, thigh or calf.

==Effects 100% guarantee!==

Weight loss treatment tailored to fit your bodily needs! (Each individual's results will vary)
You would be able to observe the results 3 days after your first treatment! (270g to 800g loss in weight)

Overweight amount*(kg)   Treatment Duration Times of treatment Loss of inches Loss of weight(kg)    
3 2 weeks 4 obvious firming up 1.5->2.5
5 4 weeks 8 at least 1 inch  3.0->5.0 
>5 6 weeks 12 1-2 inches  5.0->10.0




*Your excess weight amount can be checked by our high technology equipment available at our beauty salons. 
To emphasize again, as your metabolism rate has been boosted by the Power Slim treatment, it will not be easy for your weight to increase again. You can also resume eating normally after the slimming programmed.


Power Slim 的功效和好处:

  • 有效,不反弹(你可以在减肥疗程完成后恢复正常饮食)。
  • 尺寸宿小:想减那里就减那里
  • 水腫体型:促进血气循环、加速血液及淋巴排毒。
  • 改善体质:调整机体的阴阳平衡,使气血得以调整,从而达到健身美体祛病疗疾的目的。同时也改善消化功能,使机体新陈代谢加快。

Power Slim减肥的原理:

Power Slim的减肥方法:
•针灸 •穴位按压 •磁波处理 •负压 •药用渗透。
这些方法有助于调整和提高你的新陈代谢率。Power Slim旨在解决你的体重根本问题。 有些人(无论他们是否超重)发现很难减掉多余的体重或尺寸, 因为新陈代谢速度慢下来。新陈代谢速度较慢的人容易发胖,即使他们没吃多少。这是因为身体的热量没有被使用而转变成脂肪。




减肥者的佳音=>>{{270克 到800克 }} --当你的第一次疗程后的第三天,肯定可以看到的成绩。(从客户记录的最高体重下降)。


超越的体重*(公斤) 疗程持续时间 疗程次数 尺寸的减少 达到体重减轻(公斤)
3 2 个星期 4 明显的收紧 1.5->2.5
5 4 个星期 8 至少1寸      3.0->5.0 
>5 6 个星期 12 1-2寸  5.0->10.0









During the treatment period, one must follow a non-carbohydrates, low-calories diet for maximum weight and measurement loss. Therefore, rice, noodles, bee-hoon etc cannot be consumed during this period. However, customer will still be eating three meals per day consisting of food like wholemeal bread, vegetables, fish, meat, fruits etc. One can eat until she is 70% full. The diet plan will be altered according to the client's eating habits, with no supplements and slimming products involved.

在疗程期间,为了达到最高重量和尺寸的消减,顾客必須遵循非碳水化合物,低熱量的飲食习惯。因此,米飯,面条,米粉等不能在此期间耗用。客戶仍然可以每天吃三餐,但吃的食物只能包括全麥面包,蔬菜,魚,肉,水果等, 直到她达到七分饱。飲食計划將根据客戶的飲食習慣有相应的更改。Powerslim 是不采用任何補充品和減肥产品的

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