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Blk 807 Yishun Ring Road, #01-4215 HDB Yishun (S) 760807
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Our Services
Teenage Facial (below 18 Yrs)
Basic Teens Facial (45mins)
Advance Teens Treatment (120mins)
Teens Ultrasound (add-on)
Teens Skin Scrubber (add-on)
Teens Eye Treatment

Eye Care & Neck Treatment
Colloidal Eye Treatment
Golden Eye Treatment
Puffy/Dark Eye Ring Reduction
RF Eye
Decollete Care
Anti-Aging Neck Care

Calming, Soothing & Strengthening
Skin Brightening (60mins)
Aromatic Desensitizing Facial (80mins)
Plant/ Synergy Cold Compress
Ultra Sensitive Treatment (120mins)
Acne/ Healing Ultra-Sound Tr
Serious Relief Treatment (60mins)

​​​​​​​​Cell Regeneration Exfoliation
Anti-Stress Exfoliation (120mins)
Multi-Vitamin Exfoliation
LHE Facial Toning Treatment/ IPL Tr.
Anti-Fine Wrinkle Ultrasound
Marbella Treatment
Mini Gold Facial & Eye Tr
Chroma White Trx Tr (75mins)
RF. Treatment
UMO Gold Facial

Clarifying & Exfoliating
Express Mini Facial (30mins)
Skin Clarifying Treatment (60mins)
‘Deep’ Hydration Facial (90mins)
MediBac Clearing Treatment (120mins)
Firming Mini Gold Facial (90mins)
RF Mini (add on)

Add-On Service
Eyebrow Shaping Eye Candling (40mins)
Eyelash Perming
Make-up Service
Skin Scrubber (add-on)
IPL Treatment (add-on)
Marbella (add-on)
Back Acne Treatment
Back Glow
RF (add-on) Waxing Service (for female only)

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