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About Us

GraphisOne7 (G17) is a design and photography production company. Our logo and mascot depict the Penguin. But why penguin?

Penguin is known as a seabird that needs a cool environment to breed and live healthily. Its enchanting and adorable features often cast a spell on the viewers’ eyes. With its uniqueness, therefore the concept is taken and relate to G17’s design services, philosophy and belief.

Same goes to creativity and work of arts. They are admirable in our daily life but human either neglects or takes it for granted. We should appreciate the aesthetic aspect and understand its creative values.

“Move away from the ordinary…kills the boredom of being similar from your competitor.”

At G17, each consignment are based according to our clients’ brief and with our profound art direction we deliver you the best work of arts be it design or photography. As design and photography is our niche and passion, every detail from prospective clients are taken into full understanding and consideration.

Remember…Great designs come with great images.

Creative Director of GraphisOne7

Is Haans M.Y