Our TCM physicians and Masseurs are dedicated to provide the highest quality of healthcare services with genuine desire to enhance your total health and well-being as well as committed to provide you with their professional medical skill and unique method of treatment for the following services:
Internal Medicine Illnesses
Common Cold and Flu, Cough, Palpitations, Insomnia,  Stomach pain, liver or kidney problem, Male sexal dysfunction. Female gynecological diseases. High blood presure, diabetes, stroke etc. Chinese Medicie is mainly used to  healing the internal illnesses. Traditional type of Chinese Medicine is herbs, now some TCM Pratitioners give patitients powder which is easy to take and carry... read more >>
Orthopedics Illness
Cervical Spondylosis, Senile Osteoporosis, Frozen Shoulder, Lumbar Pain, Heel Pain, Tennis Elbow, Head, Back, or Low Back Pain, Stiff neck, Insomnia ​or Migraine. Arthritis and Bruises Sprains, Muscle Aches, Quadriplegia. “CMC” is specialized in pain treatment. Acupuncture and Tuina (Massage)  are usualy combined in the process of pain treatment.... read more >>
Dermatological Disease
Eczema, Psoriasis, Tinea, Pedis, Prurtus. 所谓皮肤病当然指的就是与皮肤有关的疾病。皮肤病的种类繁多,大约有1000多种。中医素来有“内不治喘,外不治癣” 的说法,由此可见皮肤病的治愈难度。皮肤做为人体的第一道生理防线和最大的器官,时刻参与着机体的功能活动....
Weight Loss
Simple Adiposis, post-natal obesity, Adolescent obesity. 有多少种减肥方法当初吹的很响,结果只是昙花一现。唯有 “中国中医” 的针灸减肥即安全又有效,16年来始终如一为肥胖病人解除烦恼,增进健康... read more >>
Andrological Illnesses
Impotence, Prenature Discharge, Aclesis, Enlarged Prostate Gland. “中国中医” 的中医师利用中药和针灸治疗男性性功能障碍及前列腺疾病,包括: 阳痿, 早泄, 不育, 前列腺等男性疾病.... read more >>
Gynecological Illness
Infertility, Dysmennorribea, irregular Menstruation, Mensopasual Syndrome​. “中国中医” 的中医师利用中药和针灸治疗妇科疾病包括: 不孕, 痛经, 月经不调, 妇科炎症, 更年期综合征等各类妇科疾病.... read more >>
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