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cleansing gel (150ml)

Formulated with natural extract, it thoroughly cleanses, purifies and hydrates the skin. Its moisture-lock ingredient, Propylene Glycol, keeps the skin hydrated, silky smooth and supple. Allantion helps to remove dead skin cells, repairs and refine pores and improves skin blood circulation. It also promotes cell regeneration.

彻底洁净肌肤污垢,尘埃,油质和化妆粉质,用后肌肤没有紧绷的感觉,也能维持肌肤原有 的湿度,提供肌肤良好的舒缓作用,帮助细胞的修复。

A perfect cleanser for water lovers. Take adequate amount of Calla-Viar Refreshing Cleansing Gel between wet palms, apply on face and neck. Work it with fingertips for 10 to 15 seconds, rinse with water and towel dry.

Revinving Cleanser (150ml)

Rich in Vitamin E, this water soluble light gel penetrates deep into the skin to remove and dissolve impurities. Enriched with Propylene Glycol, an intensive hydrating and anti-ageing component, locks in moisture and promotes cell regeneration making the skin freshly hydrated and glowing with radiance.

含有丰富的维生素E,小粒状的成份让此洁面凝胶能深入毛孔溶解脏物和油质。 植物保湿因子,能为肌肤锁住水分和保湿。含有促进细胞再生,抗老化成份。

Use morning and evening to cleanse the skin. Apply appropriate amount all over face and neck. Work it with fingertips, rinse with water and towel dry.

Soothing solution (150ml)

This alcohol free solution drenches the skin with moisture and increase the power of absorption of the skin. Suitable for dry skin, it enhances skin hydration and prevents wrinkles leaving skin smooth and youthful.


Morning and evening after thoroughly cleansing with Calla-Viar Refreshing Cleaning Gel, wipe face and neck with a cotton wet with Soothing Solution.

Hydrating gel (35ml)

Intensive Refining Solution is special formulated to strengthen skin pore health. It protects the skin by preventing the breakouts of acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties promote quick wound healing. It is suitable for all skin types.


Deep Hydrating Gel is a micro-emulsified gel with a light textured. Rich in vegetal essences, effectively balances kin PH-level, improves dehydrated and impaired skin. Indispensable for helping both sensitive, and problematic skin types. With regular use, skin will look healthy, radiant and vibrant.

Resillience Concentrate

Velvety rich textured and naturally gold in colour, Golden Resilience Concentrate contains extracts from Ginseng, L-serine, Honey, Kalanchoe, Spathulata, Centella, Asiatica, Fish Collagen Peptide which improves blood circulation and dull complexion, control pigmentation and enhance collagen formation. Its Golden Ion, one of the smallest atomic components after process allows fast absorption of nutrients by the skin through massage by producing negative ion which restores skin radiance. It is also an anti-oxidant that slows down the process of skin ageing to restore skin smoothes, radiance and youthfulness.


Apply substantially twice daily after toner and essence. For best results, continue with Calla-Viar Oasis Soothing Moisture.

Hydrare Serum (35ml)

This light serum is packed with Sodium y-polyglutamate, an active ingredient with hydrating function that is 5 times more than Sodium Hyaluronate. It enhances skin elasticity and soothes dry and tired skin. It also controls pigmentation and brightens the skin, making the skin visibly radiant and smooth.


Apply liberally on clean skin after applying toner over face and neck. Massage gently. To be applied morning and evening.

refining solution (150ml)

Intensive Refining Solution is special formulated to strengthen skin pore health. It protects the skin by preventing the breakouts of acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties promote quick wound healing. It is suitable for all skin types.


Use after cleansing. Apply adequate amount of Intensive Refining Solution evenly over face, especially on T-Zone and acne area.

Purifying Essence (100ml)

Formulated to eliminate acne and blackheads, this plant extracts preparation is a soothing antiseptic that is instantly absorbed by the skin. Its coltsfoot extract clears blocked pores while menthol crystal and camphor disinfects and kills bacteria. It is very effective in removing dead skin cells and impurities. It refines visible pores reduce the reappearance of skin blemishes.


Use morning and evening. After toner, soak a piece of cotton pad with Active Purifying Essence and rub gently onto face. As the cotton pad shows sign of dirt, use another cotton pad and repeat the action above until the cotton pad appears clean and clear. Apply 2 to 3 times a day.

Soothing Moisture (35ml)

This non-greasy fluid rich in micronized vitamins and phyto-extracts such as Seamollient, Kalanchoe Spathalata & Patchouli extracts and Allantoin hydrates and replenishes the skin's moisture level and controls pigmentation. It reduces skin blotchiness and irritability. Ideal for use after treatments of dermabrasion, acid peels and laser resurfacing.


Apply thoroughly and evenly on face after cleansing, toner and essence. For optimum results, use during day and night.

Sheer UV Protector (35ml)

Ultra Sheer UV Protector with its 3 main natural ingredients-titanium dioxide, chamomile and wheat germ oil is an effective anti-aging and solar block protector that helps the skin to develop its own defense mechanism against skin damage caused by UVB & UVA. Wheat germ oil which is rich in Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant which prevents the skin from inhabitation of free radicals, UVA-B SPF30 and it is water proof.

SPF30 能有效的隔离紫外线,预防自由基对肌肤所造成的伤害。防水也不会造成肌肤的过敏。有效阻隔UVB并阻隔部份UVA对肌肤的伤害。

Apply Calla-Viar Ultra Sheer UV Protector evenly to all exposed areas in the morning after basic skincare and before make up. For best results, reapply during prolonged periods of sun exposure or swimming.

Arbutin Essence Cream (35ml)

Renewal Arbutin Essence Cream is a highly efficient repairing cream that nurtures the skin from the epidermis to the base. It is effective in the removal of dead skin cells, dark spots and freckles. It enhances skin radiance by controlling the formation of Melanocyte which makes the skin dull and discoloured. It promotes oxygen level in cells and refines large pores making skin healthy , elastic and glow with radiance.


Apply after toner and essence every evening. For pigmentation and freckles skin: mix with Intensive Active-C Serum, apply the whole face and gently massage to absorb. (Avoid the eye area.)

Age-Defying Cream (35ml)

Specially formulated with α-Arbutin which uses Age-defying Technology, Premier Age-Defying Cream lightens and reduces pigmentation and retexturizes the skin. Its moisturizing and active properties are easily absorbed deep into the skin to combat skin dryness which is a cause of aging.

a- Arbutin 熊果素可以淡化黑斑,减少黑色素沉淀。高效保湿成份,为肌肤密集补水。防皱纹,美白和保湿,完全就在这一瓶精华。

Gently apply along the skin texture all over face and neck. Spread it on your skin after applying skin toner and essence, in the morning and in the evening before going to sleep.
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