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About us

Our Brands:

New addition of preschool to the family.

For medical and allied health services for children and adolescents with learning, sensory and developmental needs.

Our Vision:
To provide a haven for children, parents and teachers to experience personal success and joy for learning!

Our Mision:
We prepare children for success in their kindergarten and beyond through creative, productive and play experience.

ZEE, synonymous to Early Intervention and Inclusion Programme has been making waves in the early childhood education since 2004. Its programme and dedicated staff have transformed many children from a reclusive world to a new era whereby they can reach out for their potential.  

Lawrence, director and principal said, “Every child learns differently, we are giving a child the freedom to explore and the guidance based on one’s strengths and needs. It takes a village to raise a child and we are here to nurture the trust and care between our centre and the family.”

Ms Peh, director and a diploma holder in Allied Education said, “We believe in education for all. Parents should not be caught up with the need to be number one, instead they should consider their kid’s needs and ability first.”  Lawrence and Ms Peh have instilled their thoughts in their staff and shared their philosophy with many parents through parents’ meetings and newsletters.

“We love what we are doing,” quoted Ms Peh, “Our greatest delight comes from our ability to make a change in the child’s life as well as bringing emotional security to the family.”

Zee has currently four (4) centres serving hundreds of students and it’s looking into collaboration with schools and hospitals.