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Carrier SUPRA
Solutions for all your distribution needs.

Product Specifications 
Developed for distribution environments with multiple doors openings, rely on the unmatched performance of the SUPRA range in your challenging operation.

» Superior performance
The SUPRA range achieves superior pulldown and accurate temperature control at all set points. This performance is supported by a large range of evaporators with electric fans providing constant airflow Independent of engine speed. Available in multi-temperature throughout the range, SUPRA offers enhanced load protection for all truck applications.

» Robust design
Building on hundreds of thousands of operating hours, SUPRA demonstrates a robust design both for aesthetics (strong composite material) and components (easy start) to extend the unit lifetime and reduce downtime. Maintenance time is also optimised thanks to easy accessibility.

Integrating in your working environment
Tell us your needs, choose your unit: 5 standard units for volumes from 30 to 90m3 , multi-temperature available throughout the range, nosemount, undermount, swap bodies units, silent and extreme climates versions*. The SUPRA range offers extreme flexibility to ensure you have the right unit for your operation. The low noise version (T Model) and silent version (X Model) drastically reduce the noise levels to blend in your distribution area.

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Carrier VATNA
Designed for frozen food and ice-cream transportation.

The VATNA range is an eutectic refrigeration system dedicated to the distribution of frozen food and ice-cream for volumes from
5 to 23m3

» Ease of Use
Operating automatically, the VATNA units work by cooling eutectic plates using R404A refrigerant whilst plugged in overnight. Cooling capacity is released during daytime operation. Plug it at night, deliver all day long.

» Cost efficiency
Operating automatically, limited maintenance is needed. However, accessibility is enhanced for easy servicing and reduced costs.
Maximum load is possible thanks to the low thickness of the plaques used.

» Flexibility
According to your needs, type of goods, doors openings, vehicle used, nose mount or undermount, different configurations are available. Demonstrating low noise levels, it is suitable for urban deliveries.

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Carrier VIENTO
Simple, road-only units. For delivery vans.

VIENTO is a range of basic, road-only units designed for vehicles up to 28 m3, panel van or box insulation. VIENTO offers world-leading performance from Carrier in a light-weight, simple and extremely versatile unit. Deceptively affordable, Viento is expert refrigeration technology, accessible to all.

» Reliable
Quality you can rely on, from the world leader. Proven technology, tried and tested by previous generations of market leading
direct drive units. Reliable cooling capacity and airflow, that protect cargo quality under all conditions.

» Simple
Easy to install, all units are extra flat and lightweight. Easy to operate, in-cab command and micro-processor control, proven over many years on Xarios range.

» Versatile
For all ambient temperatures, with specifically designed units for high or low ambients. For all vehicles, adapts to panel van or box insulation. For chilled or frozen applications, with a choice of refrigerant.

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Carrier XARIOS
Modular range for vans and medium-sized refrigerated vehicles

The XARIOS range is a direct drive refrigeration unit demonstrating unique versatility for vans and trucks. Its design enables transportation of fresh and frozen goods, in single or multi-temperature applications, in vehicles with box volumes from 8 to 48m3 and is available in road only or road and standby versions.

» Cold Chain respect
Featuring R404A refrigerant, XARIOS offers a large range of capacities covering temperatures from -20°C to + 10°C. Supported by an extensive lineup of ultraslim evaporators, including the MXV 850 vertical evaporator, multi-temperature configurations are widely available for multiproduct deliveries.

» Optimised cost of use
Balancing performance and cost of operation, the XARIOS range offers simple and rapid installation, light weight evaporators to optimise load space and enhanced accessibility for reduced maintenance time.

» Driver's comfort
To limit the impact on the community and improve the driver's comfort, the XARIOS range shows low noise levels. Eventually,
the cab command is easy to operate and enables an automatic selection of road or road and standby mode. The units' condensers and evaporator skins are fully recyclable.

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