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YS61BOG Articulated City Bus
Overall parameters
Outside dimensions (mm) 18000x2550x3040/3170 (roof-mounted AC)
wheelbase (mm) 5250+7200
front/rear overhang (mm) 2650 /2900
Track front/rear (mm) 2073/1836
Passengers capacity( driver included) 169/24-46
Max. speed (km/h) 80
Kerb mass (kg) 17000 (with roof-mounted AC)
Max. total mass (kg) 28000
Angle of Approach/Departure (") 7 17
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YS6120QG City Bus
Overall parameters
Outside dimensions (mm) 12000x2550x3040/3170 (roof-mounted AC)
Rated No. of Passengers 100/24-41
Standard Seating capacity No 40+1
Max. Speed (km/h) 80
Body Structure monocoque type
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YS6129 Coach Bus
Overall parameters
  YS6129 YS6129Q1 YS6129Q2
Outside dimensions (mm) - - 12000x2550x3780
Rated passengers number - - 24-55
When middle-door equipped 5 1+1+1 47+1 +1  
Standard seating capacity 53+1+1 49+1+1  
Max.speed (km/h) - - 120
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YS6110SG Double-decker Bus
Overall parameters
Outside dimensions (mm) 11350x2550x4190
Wheelbase (mm) 5600
Front /rear overhang (mm) 2500 /3250
Track fronUrear (mm) 2073/1836
Passengers number (driver included) 48+23+1/40-76(upper 48,under 23,one driver' s seat)
Max. speed (km/h) 80
Kerb mass(kg) 12300
Max. total mass (kg) 18000
Angle of Approach/Departure(") 7 17
Body structure Full integral
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