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Course Description / Levels 

Pole Dance Workout combines preparation stretches, mobility or core training, pole spins and tricks, floor work, transitions and cool down, giving ladies a total work out and at the same time build up the various muscles to stay in shape & fitness. Each module varies with different levels hence not one course is identical. We also take great care into pacing with the student’s progress so as to ensure you will have a safe and effective workout. 

The Static Pole levels are classified into the following:
  • Level 1 -- Basic pole-gram 
  • Level 2 -- Pole-gress 
  • Level 3 -- Pole-tential 
  • Level 4 -- Pole-fessional If you have reached Level 4, you are ready to perform pole-fessionally!
  • Level 5 -- Pole-ficiency
  • Level 6 -- Pole-fection
  • Level 7 -- Pole-fic
  • Level 8 -- Pole-session
  • Level 9 -- Pole-vocative
  • Level 10 -- Master Class

Spinning Pole-reographies
Once you have completed Level 4, you are ready to move on to our spinning pole-reographies where we combine spinning pole techniques with a nice little routine. Get Ready to dance for you friends! We offer beginner, intermediate and advance Spinning Pole-reographies. 

If spinning is not your cup of tea, try our new static polereographies.

Aerial Fitness
Or you may want to try out our Aerial Fitness Courses, using apparatus like aerial hoop (lyra) or silks (tissu) for core conditioing and strengthening required for circus arts.
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