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Autonomic Response Testing

First Time in Asia - Autonomic Response Testing to Assess and Treat Chronic Illnesses in Singapore

Autonomic Response Testing is a biofeedback enhanced physical exam which uses changes in muscle tone as primary indicator to determine areas of pathology in the body for treatment.


How is ART Different?

ART Western Biomedical Approach Eastern Holistic Approach – Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine
Assessment based on the way the body communicates through the nervous system. It has been proven to be the most efficient and accurate system and is able to go deeply into extracellular and intracellular issues, as well as find out problems even before they arise in the physical body so it serves as an early warning system Assessment based on expensive laboratory tests Assessment either based on interview with patient, or by taking of pulses, looking at the throat, etc, and finding a “best-fit” based on the practitioner’s experience
Able to quantify and customize exactly what therapy/ supplement is needed by the body for improvement, not based on what the practitioner thinks but what the body itself communicates. Solution tends to be based on trial-and-error, based on what other people with similar condition have responded to in the past and is largely dependent on the experience of the practitioner
Addresses all 5 levels of healing (see below) as much as possible. Only usually consider physical aspects of the body (level 1). Usually addresses both the physical and energetic components (level 1 and 2) of the body but largely ignore the other 3 levels.
Synthesizes the western biomedical approach with the eastern holistic approach for best results. Adopts only their western or eastern perspectives in assessment and solution



5 Levels of Healing

The 5 Levels of Healing is developed by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD in the 1980s based on a study of Eastern and Western medicine.


Level Body Terms Used Examples of Remedies
5th Level Spirit Body Spirit, Soul, Superconscious, Ecstasy, Bliss, Oneness Self-healing, Praying, Meditation, Chanting
4th Level Intuitive Body Trans-generational Issues, Collective Consciousness affecting race and country, Unconscious Mind, Dreams, Entities, Curses, Soul Loss, Karma. Systemic Family Constellation, Process Work, Colour and Sound Healing, Symbols, Rituals.
3rd Level Mental Body Mind, Subconscious, Beliefs, Attitudes, Thoughts Psychotherapy, Energy Psychology (EFT, MFT, etc), Homeopathies
2nd Level Emotional Body Emotions, Feelings, Nervous System, Meridians, Chakras Acupuncture, Emotional Release Techniques, Essential Oils, Bach Flower Remedies, Chakra Balancing, Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST)
1st Level Physical Body Biochemistry, Bones, Cells, Organs, 5 senses, Movement Supplements, Vitamins, Drugs, Surgery, Herbs, Detoxification, Lymphatic Drainage.

In brief, these are the main points:

  1. We are made up of not just the physical body but a combination of invisible bodies, some of which can be measured with devices that are sensitive enough to pick them up. Besides the physical bodies, we are made up of the emotional body, the mental body, intuitive body and the spiritual body.

  2. Each level influences the other levels. There are descending influences where a trauma in a higher level causes problems in the lower levels. Healing by a practitioner on a higher level can penetrate downwards, but not upwards. Hence, providing minerals (level 1) cannot solve a mental illness (level 3). A healing intervention therefore must be either on the level where the illness was created or on a higher level. Each level can have blockages which prevent healing impulses from the higher levels to reach the physical body. So it is also necessary to work on the lower levels.

  3. The physical body is therefore the sum total of what is happening in the other invisible bodies. A trauma happens with the grandparents (e.g. experiencing World War 2) which is in the 4th level can predispose a child of that family to have certain thinking patterns in the 3rd level, which will then create an emotional response in the 2nd level, ultimately affecting the nervous system and leading to pathology in the physical body in the 1st level. This is borne out by research in epigenetics.

  4. For true healing to take place, healing must be undertaken on all the levels. That is what we do in our work.


7 Major Factors

In our Autonomic Response Testing (ART), these are the 7 major factors leading to chronic illness that we test for and treat:

Level Factor Examples
Level 1 Toxins Heavy Metals, pesticides, chemicals, biotoxins from parasites
Level 1 Biochemical Imbalances/ Nutritional Deficiencies Hormonal imbalances, minerals deficiency, vitamins deficiency
Level 1 Structural Issues Spinal subluxation, Dental Issues
Level 2 Energetic Perturbances Scars, acupuncture meridians, tonsils infections
Level 2 Food Intolerances Food allergies and intolerances


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