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Energy Psychology

What is Energy Psychology

What if I tell you that it is possible to cure life-long anxiety, fears and phobias in little more than 1 – 3 sessions, and sometimes in less than 10 minutes?

I know it sound unbelievable, and we are still filled with wonder every time we see the amazed looks on our clients’ faces.

The reason for our fears, anxieties and phobias come about from past traumas. Any situations that we are currently experiencing now which resembles the past experience will re-trigger our unpleasant feelings and sensations associated with that memory.

The premise of energy psychology is removing the emotional charges in that memory carried as an energetic imprint in the person’s consciousness. Once removed, he will no longer feel as much fear and anxiety as he used to.

We have seen clients who have gone for counseling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and other therapies in Singapore. With some of these therapies, they may have seen some results, but never quite as fast as what they got from an energy psychology session with us. The reason is simple: energy works, and it works really fast!

Listen to what others are saying about it! All these are based on one single session…

“I’m more at peace, more focused, more relaxed. Astonishing things are happening to me socially, spiritually and professionally! I am doing things that surprise even myself and that I would never have done in the past. As a result of this, I am more confident, happier, and more positive towards both people and events. I am naturally rejecting unhealthy diet choices and exercising more frequently too. This is just amazing!"

Adeline Yeo, Civil Servant, Singapore



"After the session working on the fear of heights, I felt the difference immediately. Usually when I go for my class, I have to walk the steep flight of stairs in the Singapore Post centre and I usually hold and walk down the stairs but after the session, I didn't hold the railings and was walking down just like that and there was no phobia. It's really amazing and I have started talking to my friends about it."

F.B, Singapore



I used to have difficulties paying attention to tasks at work, including feeling fear towards my boss, fear of failure, fear of losing the job, feeling powerless and escaping from all these through procrastination at work. As a result of all these, life at work was a challenge.

After the healing session, I feel much better and am now able to concentrate on getting the tasks at work that need to be done completed. This really helps to ease my life at work and makes everything much more pleasant. I look forward to further healings in future.

K. Sakamoto, Japan



I have always been fearful but the realization that I am fearful only starts to become obvious in the last few years. I also started attracting my fears into my life and it became a bigger problem for me. Friends also started pointing out my many fears. I met Darius and had a session with him. Being terrible in visualization, I was doubtful if it would work. Interestingly, through a very simple method (I don’t even have to face my fears straight on), he managed to easily uncover my childhood issues, memories from my subconscious and resolve it. Amazing! I look forward to having more regular sessions with Darius as I can really see the huge benefits of it and I would strongly recommend everyone else to do the same!

Brenda Tan, Singapore



I met Darius at an all-time low in my life, both personally and professionally. I decided to have an emotional healing session with him. It was great working on issues and emotions that I was trying to resolve, as he intuitively knew what I needed to do to break the rut. Ever since the session, I am feeling and living the difference that Darius has made through his work. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to see their life change for the better.

Mamta, Copywriter, Singapore




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