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Family Constellations Therapy

What is Family Constellations Therapy

What is generally not known is that illnesses and diseases can sometimes be caused by entanglements with the family of origin. Family Constellation work developed by Bert Hellinger has shown itself to be a profound tool to bring this to light and for healing to unfold as a result. There are certain principles in this work:

Every member of a family belongs to the family equally.
Everyone who belongs to the family deserves attention. If someone is displaced from the family, he will be represented by someone born later on who takes on a similar fate. For example, an uncle who is abandoned by the family at an early age can cause the nephew to become mentally ill, even if the nephew never knows this uncle in his life.

The early death of a family member has a strong effect on the whole family system.
Siblings of the deceased show subtle or overt suicidal tendencies, expressed by the sentence "I will follow you". If someone is burdened in this way and he later has children, the children sense this burden and want to relieve the parent of it by taking it on themselves ("Better me than you"). The propensity to die shows itself through disease or sickness.

Children are loyal to their parents.
Children rarely dare to lead more fulfilling lives than those of their father and mother. Out of loyalty to their parents, children unconsciously repeat the parents’ mistakes and misfortunes.

Children take on feelings from other members of the family.
Children can help carry emotionally-charged feelings from other members in the family or express feelings that were never expressed by others in the family.

Orders are important.
He who came first in the family takes the first place. The others follow in chronological order. This order must be recognized and respected.

Unlike a full family constellation which requires participation in a group, we provide individual work using Autonomic Response Testing to bring the issues to light.


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