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Hydraulic Press Brake
Specification and feature:
  • All steel welded structure,vibrating treatment of ageing for removal of internal stress, with good rigidity and stability.
  • Torsion shaft forced synchronization of mechanical limit stopper balance, with high precision.
  • Integrated hydraulic transmission system, large range of speed regulation thanks to transmission of the sliding block, stable and reliable performance.
  • Rear stopper and the sliding block have electrical adjustment for their stroke,with manual fine tuning,and digital indication.
  • Adjustment mechanism of sliding block independent from oil cylinder assembly to enhance sealing effect upper mold is fitted with tilting warp offset mechanism.
  • For bending machine from 250 t up synchronization mechanism of mechanical or electrical hydraulic transmission is fitted, lower working table is fitted with warp offset mechanism.
  • Multi machine combines operation is possible.
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Hydraulic Shear
Specification and feature:
  • All steel welded structure,consolidated treatment for removal of internal stress(vibrating aging ,heat), with good rigidity and stability.
  • Integrated hydraulic transmission system, with good reliability.
  • Triple support rolling guide rail to eliminate gaps of support and enhance shearing quality.
  • Mechanical rear stopper with manual fine tuning, and digital indication.
  • Clearance in between shearing blades adjusted by hand wheel to be quick, accurate and convenient.
  • Rectangular blades with four cutting edges to prolong working life, adjustable shearing angle to reduce deformation of the sheet.
  • Upper blade holder has inward tilting structure to facilitate material feed in and also enhance accuracy of the work piece.
  • Function of shearing in sections, function of aligning with light.
  • Optional: rear material holding device (or for other choice).
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CNC Turret Punching
Specification and feature:
  • The machine body adopts heavy-duty frame made of O-type steel plate welded with reinforced throat sheet. It is entirely tempered in order to eliminate stress and insure high rigidness and accuracy in long-time operation.
  • Thick turret structure and paired punching technology ensure coaxiality of the upper and lower parts. Besides, the thick turret allows mould to use a longer guide for improving working accuracy. Complete insert and sleeve jOints prolong service life of both mould and turret.
  • The punch press adopts high precision ballscrew and linear rolling guide to linear high accuracy of movement along axes x and y and positioning ,as well as high reliability.
  • Numerical control system utilizing FANUC or SIEMENS system with built-in PLC can implement all the special programs required for punch press. All the drive parts are modular-designed to make maintenance and repair easier.
  • Float-type pneumatic clampers are available for free moving material to be punched during processing in order to guarantee punching accuracy. Thin structure at the front end of the clampers makes them convenient to pass between the upper and lower turrets, thus reducing blind punching area.
  • Centralized lubricating system is capable of directly deliver lubricating oil to every lubricating point, thereby reducing friction of all the moving parts and extending service life of punch press.
  • The worktable uses the structure combined hair brush and ball bearing in order to decrease noise and vibration during operation anQ also protect the surface of material to be processed against scraping.
  • Worm and worm wheel reduction unit is used in rotary mould . Splitting worm structure can eliminate the side clearance ,provide high graduation accuracy, extend the producing range. (optional)
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