Our developmentally and age appropriate program helps children to develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, musically and socially to their fullest potential. We encourage both the teacher-directed as well as child-initiated activities to scaffold each child’s learning. Each child will be allowed to progress at his or her own pace. We will also look into their stages of development to enhance and enrich their learning opportunities.

Our curriculum for the toddlers (18 months to Nursery 2) is based on the Multiple Intelligence (MI) philosophy (by Dr Howard Gardner-1983) as well as the Montessori approach – Sensorial Development and Practical Life.

Baby House Gym

Each healthy baby feels the need for unhindered movement. Even simple kicking of arms and legs exercises strengthens the muscles. Exercise stimulates circulation and metabolism. Our structured program and specialized equipment will enhance the development of your baby’s gross motor skills.

Baby House Dramatic Play (18months to Nursery 2)

Social dramatic play enhances the imagination and creativity. Toddlers are exposed to fun “real” life skills play (e.g. in the kitchen).

Baby House Massage (for 2 - 18 months)

Touching and massaging your baby is a powerful stimulant and learning tool. All the senses of a baby are stimulated and intense visual and communication is established through our massage program. Grape Seed oil is used to give your baby a safer media for massage as well as for smoother skin.

Baby House Language

The Letterland Program (18 months to Nursery 2) provides the context in which toddlers can learn and develop their phonics and literacy skills in a fun way.
Infants (2-18 months) are exposed to Chinese language daily through communications and stimulations (e.g. songs, stories, flash cards and more) by our qualified Chinese teacher. A Chinese program for the toddlers (18 months to Nursery 2) adopts the latest technique developed by Ministry of Education (MOE), emphasizing on Word Recognition, Reading and Phonics.

Baby House Stories & Rhymes

Reading has no age limit. Intellectual and linguistic abilities are developed with our interactive and illustrative books or those that allow tactile stimulation (e.g. different textures within the books for your baby to touch).

Baby House Math & Science (18months to Nuersery 2)

Creative approaches for Arithmetic and Science through circle time as well as structured group are developed into our program.

Baby House Discovery

Psycho-motor skills are developed with manipulative, safe, stimulating and appropriate materials and toys. We provide your baby with a safe and spacious environment to crawl, move around and explore.

Baby House Outdoor

Adequate exposure to sunshine will provide your child with vitamin E. Thus when the weather permits it, each child will be given the opportunity to get exposed to outdoor activities such as sand-play and water-play. Fresh air is good for your baby and he or she will become used to temperature changes.

Baby House Music

Singing and playing music to your baby has shown to be beneficial to a baby’s brain development. Thus opportunities are given to our baby house babies to appreciate music and rhythm through different types of instruments, songs and creative movements.

Baby House Practical Extra Curricula Activities (18months to Nursery 2)

Besides the usual curriculum, the following activities are also conducted on a regular basis for your child’s learning and enjoyment purposes. These are:

Fun with Cooking – In our cookery sessions, our children have the opportunity to experience hands-on basic cooking skills and learn about nutrition and the importance of a balance diet. They also learn team spirit in a fun way as they “work” and learn in a team of four to six.
Excursions – We visit places of interests as well as make field trips to enhance classroom experiences.
Workshops – Workshops are sometimes organized to introduce new ideas, skills or crafts to parents or students.

Baby House Creative Arts

Hands-on experiences such as painting, scribbling, pasting and coloring are great media for free expression. In the “process”, children benefit richly as they discover mystery, creativity and joy.

Baby House Daily Basic Needs

Love and affection are very real needs to babies and toddlers especially in the early weeks and months. Consistent caregivers and response to the infant’s and toddler’s needs will build his or her trust and create a strong self-esteem.
We will provide a daily observation record form for the caregivers to take record of your child’s eating, napping and bowel habits and you will be given a copy of the record to be brought home daily (for 2-18 months). We also allow the infant to become an active participant rather than a passive recipient during self-help activities such as diapering and feeding.

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