About Us

Nicole Zhou, Principal.
  • The first professional Moxibustion treatment therapist and trainer in Singapore —— NICOLE ZHOU.
  • Singapore's first research and development and production of moxibustion with therapy products, registered international trademarks and brand products belong to the Singapore company.
  • Singapore first moxibustion physiotherapy with fragrant parts box supplier Singapore has 20 stores.
  • Welcome to the beauty salon, massage clinic, clinic of traditional Chinese medicine hospital joined to become long-term partners in exploring overseas markets.

  • 新加坡第一个艾灸泥疗专业技术培训导师---NICOLE ZHOU
  • 新加坡第一家研发与生产艾灸泥疗产品,并注册国际商标品牌,产品属于新加坡的公司。
  • 新加坡第一家提供艾灸泥疗部位理疗套盒的供应商全新加坡共有20间加盟店。
  • 欢迎各美容院、推拿诊所、中医诊疗院加盟,成为长期合作伙伴共同开发市场。