1. Franchising with World of Moxibustion :
    • Provide the training venue ( can fix over 20pax person )
    • Computer projector technology teaching method
    • We provide the basic theoretical knowledge of Chinese Medicine
    • Proper and traditional treatment/therapy training provide by professional moxibustion mud-inspired teacher.
    • Health management analysis tester more effective use of the correct method
    • Provide and share all the treatment of prescription and teaching materials
    • The actual operation, students personally experience and learn from each other, the correct operation of manual mud moxibustion therapy
    • To share the success way with franchiser to improve the performance and sales.
    • Support for the company's promotional activities and share the program of activities
    • To assist or resolve customer problem
    • Learning by joining the company delivery trainees to the training center, can obtain the government subsidy (distribution)
    • zero franchising fee
  2. Open enrollment:
    • If registration under company name to study courses, you can get a subsidy by government
    • Enroll for all 12 sites mud moxibustion health courses, free access to learning five elements, the 14 channels and collaterals basic principles of curriculum (including physiotherapy and professional skill)
    • Those who have passed the examination by the company will distribute "moxibustion world" qualified Therapist Diploma
    • To assist the individual in the name of the students to find a job, can become a well paid professional
    • Students to buy products, will be able to get a special discount of the College
    • Free re-study knowledge and learn the latest technology lifetime

  1. 欢迎加盟本公司艾灸泥疗项目:
    • 提供学员培训场地(大概可容纳20人课室)
    • 采用电脑投影机科技教学法
    • 我们提供基础中医学理论知识
    • 专业艾灸泥疗养生师采用正确操作手法培训
    • 人体健康管理分析测试仪正确更有效使用方法
    • 与加盟商分享治疗处方与教材
    • 学员实际操作、亲自体验和相互练习,教导正确操作手工艾灸泥疗养生疗法
    • 与加盟商分享市场销售成功模式,提升您公司的业绩
    • 支持公司促销活动,分享活动方案
    • 协助加盟商解答疑问与顾客处理方法
    • 由加盟公司派送学员到培训中心学习,可获得政府学费津贴(产品配送)
    • 加盟商无需支付任何加盟费用
  2. 公开招收学员:
    • 如果是以公司名义报名学习课程,可获得政府学习津贴
    • 报名学习全部12个部位艾灸泥疗养生课程,可免费获得学习五行、14经络基本原理课程(包括理疗与专业手法)
    • 考试合格者将会由公司分发“艾灸世界”产品合格理疗师文凭
    • 协助个人名义报名学员找工作,可成为高薪专业人士
    • 学员购买产品,将可获得学院特别折扣
    • 终身免费回学院补充知识与学习最新技术