Lessons - Quarternotez


  • Individual Piano – Beginner, Graded (Grade 1-8)
  • Individual Piano – Diploma (ABRSM/Trinity)
  • Double Piano Classes – 4 hands to 16 hands
  • Piano Accompaniment Lesson (with any instrument)
  • History & Music Theory
  • Adult Leisure Piano
  • Direct School Admission (DSA) Portfolio
10 Reasons why Double Piano Classes is useful:
  • It reinforces sight-reading and a continuation of counting, which helps enormously in students’ individual playing.
  • Students develop confidence in playing in front of one another.
  • Foster communication skills, as well as to develop teamwork and coordination between players.
  • It helps to develop concentration and listening skill by maintaining one’s own part while listening to other players’ part.
  • It helps in developing rhythmic security, as they have to count continuously in order to follow one another.
  • It allows students to broaden their musical and performing experiences.
  • It also allows students to learn from peers, as well as from teachers.
  • Experience the joy of music making together, with other piano students.
  • Positive peer pressure which give rise to good motivation, and challenges them to try harder.
  • Increases attention span, allowing the lesson time to be longer than individual lessons.